Grading the Jets 2010 Offseason Acquisitions

Thinking back to the 2010 season for a moment where Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum went just about everywhere to build a Superbowl team in one year, it makes me wonder what has happened with some of the big name players that the Jets acquired in the free agency and through trades.

Santonio Holmes (Trade)                                    A

Has become the premier target for Mark Sanchez

Antonio Cromartie (Trade)                                  A-

He has been hot and cold. When hot he's the 2nd best corner in the league.  When cold, he's a detriment to the team.  His contributions in the KR game have been similar.

Nick Folk (FA)                                                       B+

Has been very effective on FGs and Kickoffs, he has been clutch against Indy and Dallas.  His head-scratching misses make him one of the most nerve-wracking players on the team to watch.

LaDanian Tomlinson (FA)                                   B+

Has been everything we expected him to be, but not everything we WANTED him to be

Tanner Purdum (FA)                                            B

If you aren't aware that Tanner Purdum is the long snapper, that's a good sign.  We never hear his name for better or for worse - that too, is a good sign.

Brodney Pool (FA)                                               C+

A great athlete, probably a better all-around football player than Eric Smith, but can't seem to find his way onto the field enough.

Trevor Pryce (FA) (2010 only)                             C-

He did most of what we expected he would in his 1 year with the team.  The safety in the game against the Bengals was one of the clutch plays of the game - overshadowed by Brad Smith.

Jason Taylor (FA) (2010 only)                             D+

The fact that he led the team in sacks - with just 4.0 - speaks more to the team's lack of pass rush than his own abilities.  Played very little, but made the clutch fumble against the Patriots.

Mark Brunell (FA)                                                 D

He showed in the last game against Buffalo in 2010 that he can still play, but aside from being Steve Weatherford' heir in the PK holder position, he hasn't contributed anything tangible.

Patrick Turner (FA)                                              D

If we really needed a good athlete who can catch a ball, we could have made Cromartie a backup WR.  He had a nice catch in the games against Houston and more recently New England, but has done NOTHING else.

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