Reasons Why Jets Fans Shouldn't Feel Too Bad

I know it's a tough sell after an admittedly-ugly game, but...

Gronk is unstoppable.   No short little safety is going to be able to jump up and match TE Rob Gronkowski's reach.   I'd take the Jets safeties over the Pats safeties anyday.   Gronk's been an unstoppable force for us, either by torching small safeties or out-maneuvering line-backers.   When a TE draws coverage from Darrelle Revis it says all you need to know about that TE.

Andre Carter was a man possessed.  Ferguson still is amongst the best LTs in the game.  He got torched because Andre Carter was simply playing like a man on fire.  Combined with pressure from the strongside in the form of Mark Anderson, the Pats pass rush played to a level they hadn't exhibited all season.  They played like guys who know it's all on them and it probably was.

 The Jets Run D is still fearsome.   The Pats run game only had success when tiny little Danny Woodhead was sneaking his way through OLinemen while runblockers like Gronk were demolishing all those many DBs that Ryan uses to slow down Brady.   Faulk, Ridley, and the Lawfirm got completely shut out.

Shonn Greene is still a great running-back.  I know he's gotten a lot of flack, but he's a powerful running back with speed and smarts who has done his job even when his blockers weren't.   The rest came down to play-calling.

How could they have practiced for that defense?   Jeff Tarpinian and Sterling Moore were announced the starters, and they didn't even have their introductions taped.   Welcome to prime time.  Then came Phillip Adams, Tracy White, Ross Ventrone, and Antwuan Molden.    Most Pats fans didn't even know who these guys were before this game, except maybe White who blew a bg coverage last week.

Dustin Keller is still a good TE.   Where was he all game?  Triyng to keep Mark Sanchez alive in pass-protection and getting beaten up at the LOS by a LB everytime he thought about running a route.    Clamping down on an opposing-TE is usually a goal of a Belichick defense.

The schedule.   Just be glad you don't have the same schedule as the Giants.   In fact, the Pats and Jets have almost-identical schedules for the rest of the season.  The one exception?  Instead of the Giants, we play the Colts.

Jets play better as underdogs.   So do the Pats.

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