"Almost that Time Again" New York Jets Mock Draft

This is my second mock draft for the New York Jets in 2012. I have made some drastic changes from my last one. I have taken many more things into consideration in this one and I have projected some draft stock changes come draft day. Without further adieu, part 2:

Round 1, Pick 1: Courtney Upshaw, 3-4 OLB, Alabama - 6'2" 265 lbs



Courtney Upshaw seems like the consensus pick for the Jets in round one. Alabama is one of the only teams in college football that uses the 3-4 as its base defense. Upshaw acts as an outside linebacker in this scheme, and an effective one at that. Courtney Upshaw is a bigger and stronger James Harrison. He has ridiculous strength and an effective amount of speed to get around the edge. This allows him to supply pressure in a variety of ways, something that makes elite pass rusher such as Clay Matthews and Tamba Hali so effective. If Aaron Maybin shows that he should be locked up as our designated pass rusher, we would still need a starter in his spot. Upshaw is perfectly capable of being a starter because he is able to stop the run, something Maybin and Westerman don't bring to the table. Upshaw should be the pick here.


Round 2, Pick 2: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa - 6'4" 215 lbs



Marvin McNutt is one of the most underrated wide receivers in college football. McNutt is tall and fast. He is able to get down the field, and catch the short ball and turn it into something big. McNutt is very sure handed and is a reliable third down option. Plaxico will likely not be resigned after this season and Sanchez will need a fresh, young target to throw to down field. Right now, McNutt is a mid-third round pick. I predict that after scouts see how high he can jump, along with his official 40 time at the combine, he should shoot up into the mid-second round. McNutt also brings something to the table that Jets receivers the past couple of years have not been able to, a clean record and positive influence.


Round 3, Pick 3: Robert Lester, S, Alabama - 6'2" 210 lbs



Robert Lester, like Courtney Upshaw, comes to us straight out of Alabama's 3-4 defense. A safety's role in a 3-4 defense is to have a good balance between pass and run defense. Eric Smith and Jim Leonhard are very good in the run game, but lack everything in the pass game. Lester has found his balance between the two and should excel in Rex Ryan's system. Another improvement that Lester brings is height. Lester is 6'2". Leonhard is 5'8". Nuff' said. 


Round 4, Pick 4: Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn - 6'6" 303 lbs

This is basically just a depth pick. These past few games, Wayne Hunter has looked like a pro bowler. Expect to see him starting for a while. DON'T expect Ducasse to...ever.


Round 5, Pick 5: Jaymes Brooks, OG, Virginia Tech - 6'2" 307 lbs

Another depth pick. Brandon Moore is getting up there in age and is slowly on the decline. Having a backup from a school that bases its offense on the run game is a good thing.


Round 6, Pick 6: Jeffrey Demps, RB, Florida - 5'7" 191 lbs

Demps would bring something to this team that we do not have at all. Speed. Pure, blazing speed. Demps is not a fancy runner, but is he damn fast. He is an All-American tracklete and would give us very nice depth at the running back position considering LT probably won't be back. Also, imagine what our return game would be like with a speedster like this.


Round 7, Pick 7: Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas - 6'5" 271 lbs

Bequette has perfect size for an OLB in our defense and has surprising speed. I wouldn't expect him to be more than a depth pick or practice squad project, but his future looks bright.


Round 7, Pick 8: Bryan Anger, P, California - 6'4" 208 lbs

This pick is from the Derrick Mason deal. Mike Westhoff has recently stated his displeasure with TJ Conley, and I agree. Right now the most important thing for a punter in this league is the ability to kick out of bounds. Conley has not consistently done this when he needed to. Having a young, accurate punter should make good use out of this garbage pick, assuming we don't trade it away.

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