Observation Post: Sunday Game Thread

So I figured that despite being in a bye week, non of the fans here are taking a true bye week. In this case I decided to create a thread so we can take a look at the other teams. This is also a rooting guide for those who do have some games they can watch.


I'm watching the ugly game right now with the Giants vs Dolphins as the only game in my area and rooting for the Fins interestingly enough. A win for them takes them out of the race for Luck, however I'm curious about whether or not I want the Giants to really lose. A win for them may make them good enough for a lock for their division and keep them less competitive for the Christmas match up where we may or may not need the win. On the other hand I'm thinking if they take the lose it may be the start of the downward spiral we've seen from them in the last two-three years.

As for the rest of the games I have a mental rooting guide I'll put up for you guys.


Cards vs Ravens- Root for the Cards, to keep the Ravens out of Wild Card running.

Vikings vs Panthers -Either or but I'd say.... well I have no clue. Maybe Panthers since I think Newton deserves something for the work he's done this season.

Jags vs Texans- Root for the Jags to give everyone in the AFC South minus the Colts a chance for a dogfight.

Dolphins vs Giants- As of writing this its 14-3 Fins, I hate to say it but I'll pull for the Fins only to remove themselves from the Luck Lotto.

Saints vs Rams- Saints hands down another 0-16 team to keep Miami away from Luck the better, and knowing they don't need Luck[Rams], someone in the top 10 might pull the trigger and sell the farm to move up in the Rams place.

Titans vs Colts- Titans see above, I'm fine with the Colts getting Luck, I'd prefer it be us but in lue of that, status quo for the Colts.


Redskins vs Bills- Redskins, anything to make the Eagles spiral down and kill their chances for the wildcard the better for us later in the season. The Bills need to start going towards rock bottom by the time we roll up in their place next Sunday.

Lions vs Broncos- I don't care for Tebow and the Lions are getting the credit they deserve so give the Tebows a thumbs down for the day.

New England Bradys vs Steelers- Do I need to say it here? The Steelers need your best Tebowings at home to bring the Pats to shame, I know the Any Given Sunday rules are there but be honest only the Bills, Eagles, Jets, Giants have the potential to do anything to knock them down.

Bengals vs Seahawks ruling on the field says Conference has to lose so Seahawks need to fly high. But this isn't the Ochostink Bungles anymore.

Browns vs 49s - Browns, I don't care for Harburgh and the Browns can afford a win even in the Conference.

Cowboys vs Eagles- Cowboys, we already faced them and the Eagles need to be down when they face us and the Cowboys having a chance to take the division will ruin the Giants for us in the future.


Chargers vs Chiefs- Okay there are no winners for us here. I was excited for the Chiefs to be a failure by the time they rolled into Metlife Stadium. The Chargers are in 1st for their division, a win for them would put distance between the Raiders and Chiefs from the Wildcard, but a lose for the Chargers and a chance to take them out of the playoff race may pay off later if Norv Turner is given his walking papers for missing the playoffs back to back in that division, and the Jets have a chance to add him as an OC. Its a pipe dream of mine, but I'll be stunned in delight if it happens. Pick your poison in this game.

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