Who is the most improved/ biggest surprise player this year? You decide

Seven games are in the book and we stand with a record of 4-3 . Not bad after 3 rough weeks .

But even tho we have had plenty of downs in those 3 weeks we have seem some players play better than we could have expected .Some young guys are starting to learn what it is to play in the nfl and even some older guys are finding their way back to some of their old form that earned them massive contracts with this team . I have come up with a list of six guys who i think deserve honourable mention so far this year .

1) JOE MC KNIGHT : Has shown some wonderful flashes returning kicks this year . Has got me on the edge of my seat every time he starts running out of the endzone . He has come a long long way from the guy who turner up at training camp out of shape and blowing chunks all over the place . Has had little playing time on offence but given more of a chance i see great things ahead for this all round guy .

2) KYLE WILSON :  Starting to look like a 1st round pick at last . Got his first int last weekend but his overall play has improved leaps and bounds from last season . solid in the tackle and hasn't given up any big plays . never lets guys out of his sight and even when they make a catch he is right there to bring them down . a very good start to his 2nd season as a jet helped by having revis as his mentor.

3) AARON MABIN : The bust tag has quickly disappered from him since his move from the bills. 3 sacks 3 FF so far with very little snaps have shown us what he can do playing with the right coaching . He goes after the QB like a wasp after a lollipop and never gives up on the play . Really outstanding job so far this year and i think if he get 3-5 more sacks by the end of the year we might not need a pass rusher in the 2012 draft after all .

4) MARK SANCHEZ :  This year has been the hardest season for sanchez to suceed since joining this team . Has had no run game to rely on , poor protection from his O-Line and has to get used to 3 new WR's but has still got good numbers so far . I think he has improved from the player he was last year .

5) NICK FOLK : 100% sucess rate so far this year . His kick-offs with the exception of 1 that went out of bounds has also been perfect . Its a big change from last year when almost everyone on GGN wanted to string the guy up at some stage of the season . Probable our most consistant player this year.

6) CALVIN PACE : He has started off this season injury free and it has shown in his play so far this year. Looks very solid against the run and seems to be quicker off the snap when rushing the QB . Could potentially reach double figures in sacks this year . Easily the best player in our front 7 this year .

There you have it guys. Feel free to vote for you choice below and comment on any players who you think should be on the list .

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