Mark Sanchez - Josh Freeman: Who do you choose?

After another solid performance by Mark Sanchez heading into the bye I thought I would once again take a look at Sanchez and Bucs QB Josh Freeman.

Now I’ve heard people make the argument that since Sanchez has taken the Jets to two AFC championships while Freeman hasn't even made it to the playoffs with the Bucs that Sanchez clearly was the right choice; however many people also believe that the Jets have played in the AFC title game the last two years despite having Sanchez starting under center.

I’m throwing that argument and any other argument out the window other then their performances this year.


If you had one game to win, who would you choose to start - Sanchez or Freeman?



We all know the story. The Jets selected Mark Sanchez, fifth overall, passing on Josh Freeman who went 12 picks later to the Buccaneers. After each QB having their own shaky rookie year they both went into their second year with high expectations. Although Sanchez showed improvement, and to some standards met the expectations set for him, Josh Freeman greatly exceeded the expectations set for him and looked like an elite QB.

Now both in their third season, here are their stats so far this year.


Josh Freeman - 2011 Season


CMP        ATT        YDS       CMP%     AVG       TD           LNG        INT         FUM           RAT

137         219         1,459       62.6        6.66        7              65           10             1              78.2


 Mark Sanchez - 2011 Season

CMP        ATT        YDS       CMP%     AVG       TD           LNG        INT         FUM           RAT

111         198         1,372       56.1        6.93        12              74           6             3              82.3


Although the Jets offensive line had a rough start this season and still has its share of problems Sanchez needs to protect the ball. Sanchez has 16 fumbles in his career compared to Freemans 12 and with three fumbles already on the season Sanchez is looking to finish this season with 7-8 fumbles. You can’t win games turning over the ball.

Another sore spot for Sanchez is his completion percentage. Although it has been steadily improving over the years it is still lower then expected for a franchise QB and 6.5 percent lower than Freeman.

This year Freeman has already thrown 6 interceptions, the same amount of interceptions he threw all last year and one more than Sanchez. While Freeman is struggling to reenact last years 25 TD 6 INT season with only 7 TD compared to his 10 INT Sanchez is doing better then ever with his 12 TD and 6 INT.

In fact he would have 13 TD and only 5 INT if it wasn't for the holding penalty called on Nick Mangold that brought back Holmes’ TD and resulted in an INT a few plays later in the game against the Bolts.

Personally, I believe in Sanchise and I believe that he can take us to and win the Super Bowl. What do you think?


Writers Note: This is my first post on GGN. Any and all criticism is welcome.

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