Which Jets Would Be Batman Villains?

A recent Yahoo sports article listed the NFL players most like Transformers because of the nickname "Megatron" given to Calvin Johnson.  Well, with the new "Batman: Arkham City" game now available with plenty of villains to meet and fight, I came up with a list of which Jets would compare best to the villains of the Batman universe. I admit some of the comparisons may be a bit off point or apply to anyone, but if you think about them as I did, they work.  If you have any disagreements, proposals for villains/players I left out, or anything else, leave a comment below. Enjoy :

The Joker (in the cartoon) = Bart Scott

            Trickster who shows leadership and gets the job done, not impossible to handle though

The Joker (as played by Heath Ledger) = David Harris

            The real deal: genius, fun to watch, powerful, and outright deadly

The Penguin = Rex Ryan

            A brilliant strategist who isn't afraid to get down and dirty (and also a bit overweight)

Mr. Freeze = Darrelle Revis

            Turns his opponents into useless blocks of ice

Two-Face = Antonio Cromartie

            Gives you a 50-50 chance of a positive outcome

The Riddler = Mark Sanchez

            Smart, sometimes tough to deal with, and usually leaves you frustrated

Poison Ivy = Nick Mangold

            Supermodel-good looks and deadly up close

Catwoman = Jim Leonhard

            Deceptively tough and athletic. Up close, can be way too much to handle

Clayface = Santonio Holmes

            Can be whatever he wants, whenever he wants - but is always a serious threat

Hugo Strange = Sione Pouha

            Always willing to get up close and personal, even if it kills someone

Harley Quinn = Calvin Pace

            The Joker's right hand man who isn't afraid to do the dirty work

Ras al-Ghul = LaDanian Tomlinson

            The immortal, unbeatable warrior who really has a kind heart

Bane = D'Brickashaw Ferguson

            Massive warrior who is nearly impossible to beat

Scarecrow = Brian Schottenheimer

            Can make you afraid, but if you overcome that early, pretty easy to figure out and beat

Scarface = Mike Pettine

            Puppet, controlled by a mastermind with multiple-personalities

Solomon Grundy = Plaxico Burress

            An un-killable beast who shows frequent lapses of poor judgment

Victor Zsasz = Kenrick Ellis

            Absolute psychopath who will kill everyone

Calendar Man = Aaron Maybin

            A bit powerless, but every once in a while, kills somebody

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