Back to basics, Rex should read this article

I was just done reading an article of the NFL's hottest new head coach Jim Harbaugh, when I though he sounds a lot like Rex except in one area, assistants, well just one and we all know who it is.

Here is passage on some of the points of what Harbaugh does well and what is making San Francisco successful:

He plays to his quarterback’s strengths: For so many years, 49ers fans received a primer on the things with which Smith struggles – throwing on the run, spotting open receivers on the backside, forcing passes into coverage. Harbaugh’s offense is centered around what Smith does do well: Getting the ball to his first or second read, reacting to pressure by unloading the ball to a “hot” receiver in schemes that allow for such options, throwing quick passes out of three-step drops, using play-action fakes to his advantage, spotting mismatches in man-to-man coverage and milking them for big plays. Along with this has come an emphasis on ball security: Smith, who had nine interceptions at this stage last year, has thrown just one in 2011, and San Francisco has just four turnovers total.

• He knows how to ground and pound: Harbaugh, says former 49ers quarterback and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, has “done exactly what he did at Stanford. He’s taken guys who thought they were tough and taught ‘em how to be tough. His offensive genius isn’t necessarily in the modern-day passing game. He and his staff are very good at scheming the running game. He’s a master of creating matchups in the running game and capitalizing on the play-action. He’s the anti-Mike Martz.”

• He hires good assistants: Harbaugh took both of his coordinators from Stanford, Greg Roman and Vic Fangio, and hired a staff adept at teaching technique and concepts, and committed to dwelling on details. Says Dilfer: “The message is very consistent. He and his assistants are good teachers, and they teach ‘The Why’ – not just what to do but why it’s important. There’s a great conviction in what they’re teaching: Physicality in the run game and accountability. A lot of toughness comes from being able to maintain technique when things are hard.” Says Vernon Davis, the talented tight end whose numbers are down in Harbaugh’s offense: “You can’t make mistakes. You can’t get penalties. Those are the things that lose games. In practice, we always focus on the snap and the count. Discipline is big.”

• He has a plan, and he sticks to it: This seems ridiculously elementary, but you’d be surprised how many coaches don’t pull off such an approach. Harbaugh has stayed on message and has made it clear that anyone who doesn’t get with the program will be replaced. “It’s just a bunch of guys believing in each other, believing in the system,” Staley says. “We believe in everybody on the field. It’s been demanding. His system is demanding. It’s just spreading throughout the locker room.”

This opposite of what Schottenheimer does. I think the team would be a lot better with Brunell and Sanchez making the calls. Rex wants it to be a basic old school offense, use the run to control the game, use the pass to surprise and keep the defense unbalanced. The Jets have the talent to do what the Packers are doing, they have much more talent than the Niners and Bills, even our bench guys can play better, we have three very good wide-outs, two dangerous tighends and a plethora of power and finesse backs. The Patriots show everybody what you can do with half of that. It is time that we went back to basics, if they decide to keep Schotty he should be the one on a color coded system this time.

The link to article: Harbaugh’s formula of success hard to pin down

PS.: (Edit) Tom Moore and Namath are consultants aren't they? Maybe we give one of them a bigger role on offense, at this point there is not much to lose by letting one or both of them call plays for a quarter or even a half. Lets try something because kicking the wheels is not doing anything we need a change. There are plenty of coaches in the UFL right now waiting for a call from the NFL. Also the CFL and AFL. Stoops was just let go. I could write an entire encyclopaedia full of names. And isn't Schotty's dad still unemployed? He was never as flaky as his son.

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