A Rant from njdevil

While things are going just dandy for me at BR, the downside is that I don't get to write as a fan anymore. So, here it goes. 

Before the Mason trade, I was going to rant in a whole nother direction. 

I was going to talk about how the Jets are spending too much time reading and listening to talk radio about what they should do, rather than do what it takes to win. They were killed for losing "Ground and Pound", so they don' throw it against a horrific pass defense. The Jets did run the ball better on Sunday, but it may have cost them the game. 

One thing I don't like about Rex is how he refuses to trust young players. In the NFL, more often than we realize, younger and more talented guys are on the bench. Why? Because coaches are more comfortable with veterans on the field. They may not run as fast or jump as high, but they aren't as likely to blow an assingment. 

However, at some point, you have to take a chance on the yonug guys. Obviously, the Mason trade is killing my argument, but why wasn't Jamal Westerman rarely in the game last season? Or why does McKnight get just one run on offense in a game? 

Don't id youself with this Mason-is-a-bad-guy-drama. Kerley was just better, bottom line. Mason can't get seperation like he used to. Throw in the fact that he is cheaper and won't demand footballs, plus a draft pick, it makes perfect sense. 

Okay, I'm jumping all over the place now. Here are my other thoughts on the season so far:

- I was really encouraged by the way the oline played Sunday. The Pats might be a bad defense, but their line has a lot of talent. 

- The Ravens game was an anomaly. We have Nick Mangold, we win the game. 

- Eric Smith needs to be benched. Pool is such a better player. 

- If the Dolphins score more than six points, I will be extreamply disappointed. 

- Cameron Wake is going to give e nightmares. He will abuse Hunter. 

- Why on Earth did Tannenbuam not go after a guy like Max Starks or Flozell Adams?

- If anyone expected Plax and Sanchez to gel right away is nuts. Throwing to Plax is totally different than throwing to Holmes - you have to go against your instinct and throw it to him when he is covered. That takes time. FOr example, if Holmes was the new guy, it wouldnt be as big of a deal, because he gets open on his own. 

- I am sick of people basing Cromartie. Dude is playing well. 

- Can we get some love for Mr. Devito? EVER?

- One of the few things Shotty is gauging perfectly is Tomlinson's role. Any more, his production goes down. 

- The Jets have the best special teams in football. I genuinely get excited for kickoffs - we block as well as anyone ive ever seen. 

- Kyle Wilson is playing better, but he still gets beat from time to time, or comes really close to it. 

- Revis is just stupidly good. 

- Sanchez is actually playing really well, given his circumstances. 

- We need to blitz more. I was watching some 2009 games, and man, teams had no idea what was coming. I understand the need to scale it back before teams prepare for it, but its been a while since we really sent the heat again and again. We did sent a lot of 5 and 6 man pressures last week, though. 

- we are also giving revis some safety help lately. dont see the reason why. 

- no matter what else happens this season, remember one thing - At least we're not the Eagles

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