How We Matchup Against the Dolphins

EAST RUTHERFORD NJ - DECEMBER 12: Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets looks to hand the ball off against the Miami Dolphins at New Meadowlands Stadium on December 12 2010 in East Rutherford New Jersey. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

I don't want to sound like a Debby Downer, but I look at the game next Monday as a "must win." I know it's still early in the season, and anything can happen, but a 2-4 record/0-2 in the division would be a cavernous hole to get out of. Fortunately for the Jets, there is one other team in the AFC East that is doing worse than us. The Dolphins are coming to town off of their bye week. They are looking for their 1st win of the season, and we are looking to defibrillate ours. We have some favorable matchups this week. I hope we can take advantage of them.

On Offense:

Before the Patriots game, Rex said we were going to go back to the "Ground and Pound." I was very skeptical of this happening, let alone working. I was very surprised, when our running game looked halfway decent. Improvement aside, we still need to do better on 1st and 2nd downs. I saw a lot of 0-1 yard gains late in the game. 3 and outs killed our offense, and our defense. Sustained drives would have a huge impact on how we play throughout the game. With less short drives early in the game, our defense might be able to dig a little deeper, and get a needed stop.

We run the ball to start a series of downs, more than anyone. If Greene starts coming up short of 1st down expectations, Shotty needs to change things up. We need to have a bigger repertoire of short to intermediate passes to pick up some yards. These will work best for guys like Keller or LT/McKnight. If teams start keying in on check down throws to those guys, then we should try something unheard of this year. Can anyone think of the last time Sanchez took  a shot deep on 1st down. I can't think of one. If they are keying in on our dump off guys, then there is sure to be single coverage on one of our primary receivers. These guys are here for big plays, let's give them the chance to make some. It would also keep their D honest.

The Phins have a total of 6 sacks so far. I don't see much of a problem for our pass protection. Wake is of course their biggest threat. We can take out one guy, as long as his name isn't Ware. The Phins' 3 leading tacklers are all DBs. This is telling me that the front 7 is not making enough plays. Running the ball should be our priority. If our O-line does its job, Greene or whoever should do well. I am looking for a well balanced offense out of the Jets, on Monday. Relying on either the running game or the passing game too much, could result in more stalled drives.

On Defense: 

Our defense is getting worn out. They spend so much time on the field, by the time the 4th quarter comes around, they need oxygen. If you think our defense is going to come in and make a big stand in the 4th quarter, when they have been on the field for 30 min or more, you are in for a surprise. I have noticed a lot of energy, and aggression in the 1st half. The best defense we can have is a good offense.

The Dolphins are AVG in every sense of the word on offense. They are ranked 15th on the ground, and 15th through the air. They have a bunch of offensive weapons, but lack a QB to  efficiently lead them. Now that Shad Henne is out for the year, Matt Moore is the main guy. If I were the Jets, I would attack him every snap. Put guys in his face, and make him make a spectacular play.

The Phins have a plethora of efficient receivers. They make the catches when they come to them. They don't make silly drops like Connor, Holmes, and Plaxico did. Our secondary needs to stay close, especially if we send guys at Moore. Quick short throws, shouldn't be a problem if we jump on those short routs. In order to make sure Moore relies on those short routs, we need to get to Moore. Jake Long is a beast, so the left side is not the way to go. Marc Colombo and the right side of the line is the weakest link on the O-line. Westerman had a big game against the Patriots. If he can have a 2nd decent game in as many weeks, we should be able to make cause havoc for Moore.

The Jets need to come out hungry. They need this win, or all hell will break loose in NY. The key to winning on Monday, will be for the offense to help out the D, and themselves. 

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