The Story of the Grounded Jets

(Excuse How Long It will Look, Lots of stats, and I am not a professional writer as many people noticed last post lol)




How did we get here?  An anemic looking Offense and, once again, many Jets fans calling for the head of Brian Schottenheimer.  Now we should know that won't happen this week, and may not happen for awhile, or will very soon, depending on how the season turns out.  But now Rex Says we're blessed to have Shotty coaching our team.  Is that true? In seasons past has he lead our team to be a high flying Jet squad? No.  Let us take a look back to how bad he's been throughout his career.

This story begins in 2006, back in the time of 2006.  You see, the Jets were a changing team back then, Herm Edwards was no longer HC of our team, and in came Ex-patriot Eric Mangini or otherwise known as the "Mangenus".  But as we know now, he made the first of his mistakes around1/30/2006.  He hired a man known as BRIAN SCHOTTENHEIMER.  We had hope then, maybe this combination can lead us to the promised land!  But, that never happened.

That season was for all intensive purposes a success, at 10-6, we made the playoffs but were ousted by the one and only New England Patriots.  But was our O really that successful you ask? Was Chad Pennington, the Comeback Player of the year really that great? No. Our Rankings were Terrible. We were;

25th in the League in Offensive Yards per Game 305.7.  We were 18th in total points with 316.  17th in Turnover Differential at 0.  Chad Pennington was nowhere near Elite, he had 3352 yards with 17 TDs and 16 Pics.  Our Lead Rusher was Leon Washington with a measly 650 Yards and 4 TDs.  Nice Fact was in total we had 15 Rush TDs that year....That season LT had his unreal 27 Rushing TDs, Larry Johnson had 17, and Marion Barber had 14 ALL BY THEMSELVES.  Well, it was the first year, They were going to improve...Right?

WRONG.  In Fact, in many regards they were worse in a forgettable 2007 season.  Ending at 4-12, clearly that was a season to forget. 

We dropped one spot in the YPG statistic to 26th with 294.7.  We dropped 7 places to 25th in total points scoring only 268 points.  Our Turnover differential was -4, with the ranking at 20th.  So how did our offensive stars do that year?  Chad Pennington failed to keep his job as he had 1765 yards, 10 TDs and 9 interceptions.  Kellen Clemens' 1529 yards, 5 TDs and 10 pics was even more horrendous.  How did we do Rushing the Ball?  One word, Terrible.  Newly acquired Thomas Jones had 1119 yards at 3.9 YPC and 1 TD.  6 total rush TDs with each QB getting one and Leon picking up 3.  I'm not even going to check to see how many RBs had more than 6 Rush TDs.

Next season looked to have a bright future with an legend at QB in Brett Favre.  So how was that season?  One of the biggest implosions I've ever seen in my life.  We went 8-3, and beating a Juggernaut patriot team and an undefeated Titan team we were going into the easiest part of our schedule.  We Ended up 9-7, losing to all teams but a miraculous win against the Bills off a miracle forced fumble and score by the D.  The overall record of those last 5 teams? 29-36.  With one of the top RBs in the league in Thomas Jones, who had 1312 Yards at 4.5 Yards per Carry and 13 rushing TDs, complemented by Leon's 6 TDs, we continued to throw the ball with an ineffective Brett Favre, who had a torn Bicep Tendon in his THROWING ARM.  He ended with 3472 Yards and 22 even TDs, INTs.

So now comes everyone's favorite Sexy Rexy as HC (THANK GOD HE BEAT OUT SHOTTY FOR THE JOB JUST IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED).  With a Rookie HC and Rookie Mark Sanchez, Rex decided the best thing for our team was Ground and Pound, with a stout Defense.  And that's what he did, we were the #1 rushing offense and number one D.  So what was Shotty supposed to do that season?  Make sure Mark had a good passing game, and to restrict him if he was doing bad.  That didn't happen, and I can't excuse it even with a struggling Rookie QB.  We could have won more games if he had done his job.  One Example was Buffalo at home, Thomas Jones had a career high, FRANCHISE RECORD 210 yards including a career high 71 yard rush.  Leon washington also had 99 yards Rushing.  Shotty allowed Sanchez to throw the ball to the tune of 5 interceptions.  "But We have to be down 30 points if he threw that many pic!"  Not True, that game came down in Overtime with the bills Kicking a long field goal after a late interception by Mark.  I mean, I just watched the highlights, the amount of room for runs was ridiculous.  We ended that season 20th Offensively...again with the number one Rushing, how bad was our passing?

Last season was his best season as our O-coordinator.  Reaching 11-5, our Jets were 11th overall offensively, IT WAS A MIRACLE! A TOP 15 OFFENSE IN ONLY 4 YEARS!  Due to how long this post is already and how it's recent memory, I'm not really going to get into 2010 or this year.  If someone wants to do it go ahead, I mean people are already all over that one.

So the Moral of the story for those who TL;DR'd it, Shotty sucks, and has sucked since the day he was hired.  Will he be fired anytime soon?  History says no.  And as the Old saying goes, "Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat it."

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