Draft Prospect Pool of Players to Watch for at the Combine and Draft


With yesterdays nail biting 17-16 victory against the Colts, the NY Jets beat only their third opponent with a record at or above .500. I feel like this Jets are finally starting to play Jets football and I can only hope we get our 4th victory against a winning team this season. But watching the Colts game, there need to be improvements made going forward. And with 6 or 7 more days until game time, I figured I'd start a discussion board to come up with some NFL prospects that we could/should have an eye on.


First let me discuss the opportunities to improve upon as we enter this season. I think we should try to target:

1 Late Round/UDFA QB.

1 All purpose back

1 Wide Receiver

1 power offensive lineman who may be able to play guard or tackle late round of UDFA

1 Defensive end

1 Outside Linebacker

1 late round/UDFA kicker

1 Safety

1 Kicker


Now obviously there are 9 needs and we are sitting at 6 draft choices. Given Mike Tennenbaum's history, I have a feeling we will be making four selections - either by trading up or acquiring a veteran who may fill a need.


So here we go with a list of players I wouldn't mind taking a look at:


  • Colin Kaepernick - Nevada
  • Nathan Enderle - Idaho
  • Ricky Stanzi - Iowa

Kaepernick is the Raw "Freak" of the group. He may never make it as a QB but he has so much physical talent. As a #3 QB, he may be a decent gamble. Stanzi could be a potential back up. He tends to make good decisions and has the accuracy. I don't anticipate Enderle to fall but last year the run on QBs was later than anticipated and if one of these guys fell, I wouldn't mind taking a gamble on any of them.


  • Derrick Locke - Kentucky
  • Jacquizz Rodgers - Oregon St

I really like Locke. I think both he and Rodgers can be impact shifty backs with an ability to catch the ball. Locke could be a good returner too which I feel may be a need. Despite Joe McKnights performance in Buffalo, I'm not convinced. With a ground and pound system, I feel like we still could use another back.  Rodgers has not declared to my knowledge yet, but I sure wouldn't mind to see him in NY.


  • Denarius Moore - Tennessee
  • Jeremy Kerley - TCU
  • Vincent Brown - S.D. St
  • Austin Pettis - Boise St
  • Greg Little - UNC

Kerley could be a useful guy on special teams. Moore I think could be a great late pick. The other three could be use in like round 3 if they fall. I believe all run solid routes and could step in as needed.


  • John Bender - Nevada
  • Zach Hurd, UCONN
  • John Moffitt, Wisconsin

I can't tell how Ducasse is progressing but he doesn't seem to be a power run blocker. Both Moore and Woody are aging, and I do not agree that Wayne Hunter is good enough.


  • Cedric Thornton - Central Arkansas
  • Jerrell Powe - Ole Miss
  • Kendrick Ellis - Hampton
  • Sione Fua - Sanford

How about a Fua and Pouha combo? lol.


  • Kenny Rowe - Oregon
  • Chris Walker - Tennessee


  • Chris Harris - Kansas
  • Chimdi Chekwa - The Ohio St
  • Darrin Walls - ND

... And just for fun. A very early mock which everyone loves to do, and I encourage you to do too!
Round 1: Rahim Moore - FS. UCLA

Round 3: Austin Pettis - WR. Boise St

Round 4: Kendrick Ellis - NT Hampton

Round 5: Kenny Rowe - Oregon

Round 6: Kai Forbath, K, UCLA

Round 7: Denarius Moore - Tennessee


Anyways I hope you all had some fun. I'd like to see whats on your wish list, and if you have opinions on those mentioned or want to talk about someone else, I'd like to here it.

(PS, David if you are looking for some ideas... lol. I like your breakdowns!)

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