nnamdi or harris part 2

i posted this on here a few weeks ago about signing nnamdi and losing but since my original post lots of thing has made me have a rethink.

1 harris is not an easy player to replace

2 the play of bart  scott this season has not been good enough

3 the playoff games have shown me good coverage can get us sacks as muh as a good pass rush

i was also suprised to see the majority of votes on the poll i ran was sign nnamdi and not harris . it made me think how important a player like nnamdi could be to this team for some fans . 


i have revised my ideas on this and here is my new proposition to all my fellow jet fans

i still would love to see revis and nnamdi on the same team and would think the whole league would hate to play against a team with the 2 best corners in the league. the steelers game as also shown us our run defence needs to get better next season . we have lots of players including harris than need to be resigned and most will be looking for big money to resign with us. we also have players already signed who are getting paid a lot more than what their play this season deserves. we don't have enough money to resign all these players so we will lose some of our free agent wheather we like it or not. the big players we need to resign are harris , cro ,edwards and holmes .of these players i think we should resign harris and edwards first .

 i wouldn't mind losing cro or holmes that much as the are both restricted FA and we could easily get 2 badly needed extra picks if we tendered them at the right level.

with the money we save from not signing cro and holmes we could easily afford to get nnamdi as cro's replacement .by cutting players like hartsock 1.65m and bryan thomas 3.7m we could get someone like zack miller or marcedes lewis(both free agents)  as another great option to have in our passing game .

i'd also trade away bart scott 6.6m for a 4th or 5th round pick and save us more money . he hasn't played well enogh this year to warrant that type of money i my eyes and would free up more cap space and replace him with a younger guy from the draft.

if we could pull that off we would have 2 shutdown corners and another good te and still have enough cap room to make another 1 or 2 FA signings while losing cro,holmes and scott. we get 3 extra picks also to sweeten the deal

so to summarise my revised plan

1 resign harris and edwards

2 tender holmes ( for a 1st or 2nd) and cro ( for a 2nd or 3rd)

3 cut hartsock and thomas saving us 5.3m

4 trade scott ( for a 4th or 5th) saving us 6.6m

5 sign nnamdi to replace cro

6 sign miller or lewis to replace hartsock

7 use draft or FA  to replace holmes 

8 use draft  to replace scott and thomas


we might get better picks for cro, holmes and scott


again this is only a suggestion as to what way i would like to see us improve in the offseason but i don't think anything i suggested is out of reach either cap wise or picks wise as compensation

would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on the above suggestions

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