Offseason moves for 2011

The New York Jets front office has shown the fans in the past that it is willing to trade up, or sign high profile players with shaky pasts. With that being said, the New york Jets have some decisions to make this offseason in solidifying their spot in Superbowl XLVI (assuming the CBA pans out).  

Guys like Jason Taylor and LaDanian Tomlinson came to New York with the hopes for a ring, unfortunetly, that didn't work out. They are both far past their prime and need to not be part of 2011 Jets. Bryan Thomas has far out stayed his welcome. He isn't a very good pass rusher and shaky at best in coverage. The Jets need to look to the draft in finding two rush OLBs and a FS to replace the disappointment of Brodney Pool. The Jets also trader a draft pick to SD for Cromartie. I don't see the Jets bringing him back and making the 2010 first round draft pick Kyle Wilson opposite from Revis next year.

The AFC title game made it clearly evident to me that a dominant NT wouldn't hurt either because although Pouha and DeVito are good, they are no Haloti Ngata. Shaun Ellis must be brought back because even at 34, he still makes plays and has a strong motor.

The Tight ends and slot recievers of the opposition all year have burnt us up the middle. A FS with the size and speed of Taylor Mays would be the perfect compliment to Jimmy in the backfield in stopping a third option for elite QBs. 

The 2011 Jets defense needs to upgrade: rush OLBs, FS, and a NT. These needs are not bad at all for a team in the NFL. Look at what holes the Buffalo Bills need to fill. 

Rush OLBs which would fit Rex's D great include Von Miller (Texas A&M), Justin Houston (Georgia), and Jeremy Beal (Oklahoma) considering our draft position because we're a final four team.

Offensively, Brian Schotteinhemier needs to go because he single handedly cost the Jets a Superbowl birth.

Retaining Braylon Edwards makes more sense to me that Holmes because he's a larger target for Sanchez and won't be as expensive. If we can resign both, more power to Mike Tannembaum and the Jets front office.

I cannot stress enough how much Tomlinson needs to go. Joe McKnight has shown some promise in the latter part of the season as a possible replacement in the screen game and as a third down scat back. Greene and McKnight would be a dynamic duo of speed and power.

John Conner is expected to take over for Richardson at fullback.

Damien Woody may be a team leader but the Jets drafted Vladimir Ducasse in the second round for a reason. He should be the starting RT come September.

There aren't many needs at all on offense except for Mark to continue to come of age as a franchise QB, and possibly a WR if we can't resign Braylon and Santonio.

The 2011 Jets draft should consist of a 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round draft picks (the 2nd rounder went to SD for Cromartie)

I expect Rex and Mike Tannembaum to go rush OLB in the first round, FS in the 3rd round, and it's anyones guess where they go from there. Although many Jets fans are probably still miserable from the loss in Pittsburgh, the future is very bright for this team with the personnel they have. GO JETS!


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