Should the unthinkable happen?

Taking this season into context, without any real data or stats to back any of my feelings up I kind of wanted to take a moment to put some of them into perspective, and yes... share them with you more for conversation that anything.

I stated it a few times in the offseason and a few times throughout the season and I still feel the same way, but should the unthinkable happen and Pittsburgh destroy our Super Bowl dreams again (or even if it's not Pittsburgh and it's Green Bay or Chicago for arguments sake) I wanted to pause right here. On this "up" and reflect back on this season. 

Wow.  Just Wow.  What a great season.  Even before it took off.  There was SO much to talk about.  So much excitement.  Were the transactions good?  Leon, TJ, Faneca, Feely, Rhodes!  Our team made it to within 30 minutes of the Superbowl last year and we got rid of some really core people.   But look who we picked up!  I was a HUGE LDT fan when we picked him up.  I was very high on Cromartie opposite of Revis.  I was very NOT happy about losing Feely but I checked back for days to hear about Taylor.  Living in Boise I was ecstatic to hear we drafted Wilson.   I was very interested to see how Pool would do.  I mean I was thoroughly engaged like no other season.

OMG REVIS Contract dispute!  BLECH!

Hard Knocks!  I don't have HBO.  <sad face>  I still haven't watched it.  Yeah shame on me.  BUT!  There was so much buzz and excitement on these boards.  Excitement definately preluded the season.

Then came the season.

I can't really explain it.  Ups and downs for sure, but can you remember a season with more "heart attack" on the edge of your seat moments like this one?  Games full of suspense and hair on the edge of your skin moments?  I mean isn't that what football is all about?  What's more entertaining?  Truthfully?  A blowout weekin and weekout or the last minute 6 second Santonio Holmes 3cm of endzone catch diving catch?  Holy Bajeepers.

I speak volumes about what I believe Rex has done for this organization since he came on board.  The team that Mike T. and Woody put together.  The excitement that they orchestrated.  The momentum that's been pushed behind this team.  It truly is like no other Jets team i've ever watched before. 

The sheer overwhelming i can't even find the right words of the feeling when we beat the Pats last weekend... I honestly, personally can say that not even a Superbowl victory over the Pack or the Bears would feel as good as that felt.  To the Heartbreak that probably felt as painful as Jim Leonhard s leg snap when i heard the news he was down for the season.  To the headlines fo Danny Woodhead finding so much success in New England after WE released him to finally seeing Joe McKnight might actually be able to run.  Wow what a season.

I can't make an awesome video clip like i watched today of compilations of helmet cracking awesome hits and TDs by the Jets that can make your hair stand up but I can express that no matter what happens this weekend and beyond.  This was one hell of a season!  We had a 2-1 record against the Pats.  We split with the Phins.  We had a winning record.  Back to back AFC Championship games!  We did what no one said we could do and beat out Manning and the Colts, Brady and the Superbowl Fav. Pats  both IN THEIR houses and are on our way along the Green Mile to Heinz Stadium STILL the underdog against a great team whom we're 1-0 against so far this season.  We've got a really good chance to make it this year... but no matter what.  Our boys gave us one hell of a ride.

I don't know what next year will bring and frankly I'm really scared of some of the potential moves that may happen since this year was so good there's a lot of things that I think they need to keep the same that they may not have a choice but to change. 

Superbowl or Bust may be Rex's motto and it may be in the cards but as for me... yeah it sure as heck would be nice, but if it's not in the cards... i've already won a pretty damn good hand this season.  Thanks Jets!

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