Wheeling and Dealing: Latest Moves by the Jets (Updated 9/15)

This is my first post in awhile because I've been busy settling in and getting used to my college schedule, but I'm back to take a look at some of the moves that have been made by the Jets since yesterday.

And it hasn't even been a full day yet since the 53-man rosters had to be finalized and already some moves have been made by the Jets. A couple of new players have already been claimed as Tannebaum lived up to his word. Some of these moves include cutting David Clowney in favor of former Dolphin WR Patrick Turner, and waiving recent fan-favorite Chauncey Washington. I'm going to take a look into some of these moves which could have a fairly sizeable impact on the season.

Claimed Patrick Turner; Cut David Clowney... And Waived Patrick Turner (Signed to Practice Squad) And Clowney is Signed Back

David Clowney is known for his speed and his contribution on special teams, but since the Jets won't have Santonio Holmes for the first four games and Laveranues Coles for at least the first game, they needed a better passing target. Turner stands at 6'5" 220 lbs, making him a physical mismatch for just about any defender. He was drafted just last year in the third round, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Dolphins are giving up on him already, but then again, they also cut second round pick from the same year, Pat White. Patrick Turner did play with Mark Sanchez at USC and had 49 catches for 741 yards and 10 TDs when the Sanchise started for the Trojans. I'd expect to see Turner used only in 3rd down situations and deep passing plays.

So much for that. Turner was waived as you can see on the front on GGN. There's actually been rumblings of the Jets going after former Patriots' and Broncos' player Jarvis Green. Maybe they're doing this to make room for him on the 53-man roster.

And now they've signed Turner to the practice squad, a nice addition there. He has potential at his size and has shown he can be a good target during his USC days.

Clowney is back and will play special teams and be the number four receiver.

Claimed Marcus Dixon; Waived Chauncey Washington

The Jets just claimed DE Marcus Dixon off waivers from the Cowboys, but in order to make room, they had to waive Chauncey Washington. From what I've heard, the team really wants Chauncey to make it through waivers so they can assign him to the practice squad. But at the same time, I've heard Chauncey is really upset about the move, and who can blame him? He played well and thought he deserved to make the team; additionally, a lot of people wanted to see him make the team, especially with how disappointing Joe McKnight has been in the preseason. Back to Marcus, he is a young and strong talent that could fit into Rex's schemes. However, I'd be surprised to see him see a whole lot of playing time behind Mike Devito and Shaun Ellis, but he will see the field.

Claimed Patrick Brown

Not an earth-shattering move here by any means as they picked up the offensive tackle from the Vikings. But from what I understand, he will be apart of the 53-man roster, I'm just not sure how they plan to use him yet. There is a slight possibility they use him to push Matt Slauson and Vladimir Ducasse for the LG spot.

Cut Tony Richardson... Re-signed Tony Richardson; Waived Brian Jackson

This was a bit of a shocker come Sunday evening. Richardson was considered to be one of the leaders in the locker room and still was a great fullback. This was most likely a money issue as it sounds like the Jets will attempt to re-sign T-Rich after Week 1 in order to avoid guaranteeing all of his contract. This move was definitely and strictly a front office move as Rex Ryan made his case to keep Richardson on Hard Knocks and clearly wanted his presence in the locker room and on the field. Maybe this move somehow impacts the Revis situation as they save money here, but I really doubt that. The Jets have been penny-pinching a lot lately, and hopefully this money is going to a Darrelle Revis deal. But now John Conner will have to take the future Hall of Famer's place as starting fullback, at least for Week 1.

This isn't official yet, but from everything I've heard, it's basically a done deal. The cut had nothing to do with money, but rather they weren't sure that Revis would be on the active roster for Week 1; they wanted as many corners as possible and felt that two fullbacks was too much. Also, Tony didn't have to go through waivers, like any player whose NFL service is less than four years. That means they could cut him and he wouldn't be claimed by another team, whether or not he wanted it. Most likey Drew Coleman or Matthew Mulligan will be cut/waived to make room for Tony. The Jets have released Brian Jackson to make roster space for T-Rich. Yeah, this guy.

Claimed Cody Brown

This claim was first reported by his agent, Nate Haber, via Twitter. This acquisition makes sense after seeing how disappointing the walk-on LBs were for Jets like Cory Reamer and Brashton Satele. The linebacker from UConn has promise and was a second round pick by the Cardinals just last year. He'll probably start on just special teams, but with Rex's schemes, he'll see some time on the field throughout the year. He has strength and decent speed and could be a solid player on defense for them in the future. However, I am hearing he could go to special teams at first (this has since been confirmed).

Re-signed Darrelle Revis

Finally! I feel like Revis in that photo right now. I could go on and on about this but I'll just give the rundown here. He held out for 36 days, and now he'll be a Jet for at least the next seven years, unless he opts out, which he's not going to do. The numbers are here. With him, the Jets will be able to do a whole lot on defense with blitzes and anything else Rex wants to try. This gives a boost to the Jets in every way imaginable, including morale. Other Gang Green Nation articles about this can be found here and here.

Signed Jarron Gilbert

The former third round pick by Chicago has been signed to the Jets' practice squad. He has the size and strength to be a solid starter on the defensive line in the future with his explosion, strength, and size. However, he only accumulated one tackle in his rookie season as a member of the Bears. But, if nothing else he can entertain the Jets after practice by doing this.

Re-signed Kevin O'Connell

Kevin has been signed to a two-year deal after being released by the Jets not long ago. Don't worry though, no one had to be cut as the Jets placed him on IR with plantar fasciitis. He could very well be the Jets' future number two QB if Mark Brunell retires and Kellen Clemenssigns elsewhere in the offseason.

Signed Adalius Thomas... Or Not...

A report is coming out that this is basically a done deal (via incarceratedbob). From what I've seen, Adalius would be used as a DE mainly, this way Sione Pouha, Mike Devito, and Matt Kroul can switch off at NT with another season-ending injury for Kris Jenkins. Adalius has already met with Jets as of 9/14 and the deal isn't official, but it's expected to be announced by Thursday, so he'll be ready in time for the Patriots in Week 2.

Now reports are saying that Adalius doesn't want a veteran minimum contract and may not accept the Jets offer. Also, I'm hearing that Rex wasn't too happy with his team physical.

Waived Danny Woodhead; Signed Howard Green

Danny Woodhead was waived to make room for David Clowney to come back. There are already reports that the Patriots are looking into signing him. He was another fan-favorite to make the team, but now is unemployed.

Howard Green was brought back to help with the loss of Kris Jenkins.  He played with the Jets last year and picked up 23 tackles. However, Howard could be a short-term replacement if the Jets are really looking into Sahun Rogers of the Browns through a trade.

Confirmed Practice Squad

I decided clean this list up here: Cody Brown, Robby Felix, Jarron Gilbert, Josh Mauga, Larry Taylor, Martin Tevaseu, Chauncey Washington, and Patrick Turner all make up the current practice squad. That's a lot easier on the eyes now, isn't it?

I'll be looking to update this page as soon as I find out more about moves made by Tannenbaum and the Jets.

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