Who's Hot, Who's Not: Week 3


Every week, I write a "Who's Hot, Who's Not" post on my blog, the Jersey Jets Fan. This week, I figured I'd debut the post on GGN before I put it up on my site. Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment/agree/rip apart my selections. 


Who’s Hot:

Mark Sanchez: Sanchez isn’t hot right not, he’s blazing hot. And no I’m not talking about his rookie year GQ spread for the ladies and a select few men; I’m talking about his on the field performance in the last 2 weeks. Sanchize has tossed 6 TD’s in the last 2 weeks and zero interceptions. If you were wondering, he threw 12 TD’s all of last year and 20 INT’s. It’s looking like the sky is the limit for Sanchez, although being the pessimist that I am, it’ll come falling down at some point.

LaDainian Tomlinson: “Old Man” LT still has some left in the tank huh? He just doesn’t quit right now, continually gashing opponents for big gains on the ground. He’s also opened up the short passing game for Sanchez and has become a great outlet receiver. I think we are going to need to shift the majority of carries back to Shonn Greene but LT should get around 10-15 touches a game.

Jason Taylor: We all know the story lines behind Jason Taylor this week so there’s no need to go there. But the past two weeks, Taylor has had two big sacks, blindsiding the hell out of the opposing QB’s. Taylor has proved he, like LT, still has a lot left in the tank, especially in terms of getting to the quarterback.

Dustin Keller: Keller has developed into the Sanchize’s favorite target this season, and for good reason. His reliable hands and ability to get open would make Dustin a QB favorite on any team. His great TD grab and huge first half gives Keller a well deserved spot on this week’s Who’s Hot.

Who’s Not:

Matt Slauson: A couple big penalties at crucial times in the game this week make Slauson an easy choice for this one. His holding penalty on a crucial 3rd down Mark Sanchez TD scamper temporarily killed the momentum. While his holds were questionable, he can’t put himself in that situation and has to avoid getting beat. He is filling in admirably in Faneca’s vacancy, but he is still a glaring weakness on the offensive line.

Kyle Wilson: The rook was getting picked on big time last night by Chad Henne. It seems that Wilson is covering his man pretty well until the last second, because he hasn’t figured out that you are supposed to turn your head around when the ball is on its way. Maybe the skill will develop, maybe it won’t, but Darrelle Revis’ 6th sense for the ball is what makes him great, and it can make or break Wilson in the long run.

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