What would it take to make Jets fans happy?

A superbowl?  A winning season?  A new Quarterback? 

I'm starting to wonder if other Jets fans will ever really be happy.  Every fan of every team wants their team to win the superbowl.  We all want it.  Are we all going to get it?  Nope... only 1 team gets to go that far.  Were we happy being half a game away from being in the Superbowl last year?  I was. 

I hear a lot of banter of how people hate Rex Ryan and how people want to bench Sanchez and Greene and Wilson and Cromartie and blah blah blah.

I'll be honest... this is purely my views but I'm wondering if others out there share them with me.

Personally... I'll be happy having a winning season.  I for one didn't fall into all the SB hype that came out of this summer.  I do not think we were "given" the Colts/Bengals wins last year and that we really had some good games down that stretch but I do think we really did scrape by on the skin of our teeth to get where we got. 

We made some questionable moves in the offseason but I have to admit... I was super stoked over most of them. 

I love Rex Ryan:  I feel this man came in and took over this team and just his energy alone has not only the team but me believing we can win.  He says "will" I say "can".  Keep yourself in check.  Rex Ryans given us something to finally look forward to since our crappy loss to Denver under Parcells. 

Sanchez:  After the preseason and the Baltimore game it does appear that he's regressed.  And already people are talking about starting the same Kellen Clemens that was on the chopping block 2 weeks ago?  I personally can't wait to see Santonio Holmes breathe some life into Sanchez's arm.  Holmes is a play maker.  He'll make Sanchez look good. 

Wilson/Cromartie:  They need some work on watching those penalties but their cover skills weren't horrible on Monday night.  They made stupid choices but who are we comparing them to?  Revis?  I mean c'mon... a holding penalty on 3 and 28 by a rookie and we're ready to chop his head off?  This is the same Kyle Wilson I watched dominate as a CB at BSU.  Give him a chance more than 1 game against Boldin of all recievers.  

We've finally got a team that makes me want to actually watch Jets games instead of just wanting them to end the season.  I've said this from the start of the summer but regardless if they go 15-1 or 0-16 it's going to be a really fun season watchin these guys play.  The penalties made me want to hide my face the next day at work but if they can get those in check it's going to be a wild ride and I think we all just need to grab a coattail and hang on for the take off down the runway. 

Chill... relax... enjoy the season.  Hope for the Superbowl but expect at least another winning season.  It's a tough schedule... it's football... it's the best chance we've had in years.  Let's go Jets!

What would it take to make you happy as a Jets fan?  A superbowl?  A winning season?  The Division? Or just beating the snot out of New England two times in a year?

p.s.  this is my first ever fanpost... lol go easy on me!

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