Predictable ( A look into NE offense)

 By: Daniel Rodriguez


    So unstoppable, so amazing, so.... so.... Predictable.Short and to the right. As monsterous as the media may try to portray the Patriots O's im here to tell yeah the Jets X's well be ready to eat it up. I took the libarty of looking back in my tapes and thought id pull up some numbers and I got to say I like the way it adds up.  As a matter of fact I see it 28 - 17 with our first game coming from a divisional foe. Taking a peek into last weeks match up against the Bangels pretty much outlined my findings. In a series of 4 drives made by the Pats this is what I found, and though 4 drives my not seem like much I honestly can say go ahead pull up a seat watch some film and you'll see the same thing I did.

                         on 1st:                                       on 2nd:                      on 3rd:

Passes              7                                                  5                                  3

Runs                  1                                                  1                                  0

                                                                          In the Redzone

                         on 1st:                                         on 2nd:                                        on 3rd:

Passes              2                                                   2(Welker in the middle)           1(TD Welker in the middle)

Runs                   0                                                  0                                                        0


     Of the many passes thrown, Brady when facing pressure favored the right. Targeting Moss and welker almost automaticaly, as in  without even giving anyone else a look. does that sound familiar how about that 4th and 2 against IND. yea  I saw that coming the day before it happened. But dont sleep on Tate who you will also find on the flats when his aces seemed coverd. Tate, though not your frequent espn highlight seemed to be the escape hatch last week. We all know though Welker is the Scape goat and underpressure seemed to be the target of choice, More so in the redzone. Here is a quick look at a throwing graphic to show even closer whats going on here.


                 2/3                                                                  1/3                                                2/2

         PA to Moss, Welker                                       PA to moss                                     Moss

--------------------------------------------------------------- 15 yards--------------------------------------------------------


                3/4                                                                     3/7                                               5/8

              Tate, welker,folk                                             1 TD                                      Moss, Tate, welker

                                                                             Welker, Hernandez


   Brady loves his right, but mainly because when people come through it seems to be through the left. A reason why the running game is not really all thought hot and in situations where the run was on it came with 2 TE formations.

Solution: The Jets need to stick to there guns and hit them hard. All we need to do is get on the score board fans.

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