CBS Sportsline on Jets vs. Pats


I am getting pretty sick of hearing these same arguments.

1) Randy Moss, one of the league's top WRs, has the potential to have a great game.

Fact: Moss was held to under 60 yards receiving and only scored one TD in TWO games last year. Isn't it safe to assume that Revis has his number? Revis is a better corner than this Randy Moss is a receiver. Look at the numbers.

2) Carson Palmer struggled to get the offense going until the game was already out of reach.

Fact: The Jets have game tape to examine. Palmer did not. The Jets have better pass protection than the Bengals. The Jets are not playing a top three pass rush team in the league this week. Rather, the Jets are playing a well coached team with a pair of good linebackers and one good defensive lineman. The Patriots are not the Baltimore Ravens. I repeat, as much as people like them, the Patriots are not the Baltimore Ravens. That was proven in the playoffs last year.

On a side note, I don't think most fans would complain about Mark Sanchez not being Carson Palmer. Unless, of course, those fans have a fetish for oft injured, under-performing, ego maniacs.

3) The Pats are 7-1 against the Jets on the road over the last 8 (?) years.

Fact: Brady was 0-1 against the Jets on the road last year and 2-2 against the Jets, home and away, over the last 2 regular seasons. Statistics can be used to convince anyone of almost anything. Brady has been a tremendous QB over his career and, over the last 8 years, he probably has similar stats in every stadium across the country. But this isn't 2004, 2005, or 2007. It's 2010. This Pats team, despite what Clark Judge implies, is not the same championship caliber team of 8 years ago. He seems to have left that fact out of his analysis. 

4) Wes Welker is a good player and very tough to cover.

Fact: This is true. Hard to dispute. But I like Kyle Wilson and Cromartie's chances better than Lito Shepard and Eric Smith and Dwight Lowery. Wes Welker is not Anquan Boldin. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking a few mistakes against Boldin will serve as a prediction for the entire season.

5) The Jets have done a lot of talking.

Fact: The Jets have been fun to watch this off-season, even more than usual. That being said, they've also created a legion of fans and journalists that seem motivated to route against them.

Scared? We can take it. And I have the utmost confidence that the Jets will keep this game competitive enough to win. It's safe to assume that the troubles on Monday-- Jericho dropping passes, Keller having any deep receptions called back, and the 110 penalty yards will not be as much of a problem this week. And even if they are, as they proved on Monday, our defense is good enough to keep it close.

My prediction? Jets win. 13-10. 

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