This was originally a comment in one of the other report card thingies, but I figure it's long enough and for-Gods-sake-get-away-from-the-ledge positive enough that it needed its own FP.  Cheers all, OnceYoureAJet.


Take it easy pal! While our offense played worse than any other team in the league this week, our defense is actually pretty good you know! What people don’t realize (and I gander that Rex or Pettine would be remiss to ever let these words come out of their mouth) – is that we were actually a better defense last year when Jenkins got hurt! As monstrous as he is, his real value lies in the vocal contributions that he will give to the D along with Scott and Leonhard. Statistically – we won’t go down (or if we do, it’ll be more because our weak links will be weaker since Ropati is out and Green is now in again). Think about it: Rice and McGahee averaged 1.5 YPC, and that was with Jenks out – and the Ravens were one of the better running teams in the league this year! People weren’t taking Rice 3rd/4th in their fantasy leagues for nothing. Mike DeVito and Sione Pouha are pro-bowl caliber run stuffers, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

AFA our secondary, I thought we did an OK job other than the penalties. Those will go away. I was impressed with our rookie Wilson (not so with Cromartie unfortunately) and Eric Smith in particular for stepping up and being role players the way that they did. Obviously everyone’s been lavishing praise on Revis and Leonhard, and they certainly deserve it, but we read about that stuff ad nauseam.

And c’mon. You pretty much invalidated your entire argument by putting a B+ anywhere near our special teams. That was one of the most amazing games I’ve seen in a long time for special teams, and the only slip-up was obviously the Braylon running into the kicker. And that, i think we can all agree, was bullshit.

Here are my grades:
QB: F (I’m jumping on the anti-Schotty train too, sad to say, but put a hefty bit on Sanchez too)
RBs: LT(A-), SG(D) [LT did everything he needed to and more. Shonn didn’t and coughed up a fumble. I expect him to have a huge game against NE though).
Receiving corps: (F) We made a mistake going into this game with only 3 WR and 2 TE, although I must say that I am (1) happy that we got Clowney, (2) sad to see Woodhead go, (3) surprised that we didn’t use Cumberland and Keller’s athleticism more, and (4) downright upset that Bray and J-Co weren’t more involved.

KEEP IN MIND that we had offensive possession for just over 20 minutes versus the Ravens’ almost 40, and even then the majority of our plays were time-eating runs. So we didn’t run many plays at all, and therefore the offense didn’t get a chance to get into a rhythm.  **So these stats should be treated as an ABERRATION, since we were one of the least-penalized and best-ball-controlling (32:00+ average/game) teams in the league last year**

Front 3/4: (A-) (Sione, Shaun Ellis, and DeVito were monsters. Still waiting for VG to get a sack, although I’m really hopeful for this season!)
Pass rush: (B-) While our run stuffing stayed strong, our ability to pass rush suffered since their OL didn’t have to double our DL nearly as much. Calvin, come back!
Linebacker corps: (A) Wowowweewah Bart Scott, David Harris, Bryan Thomas (!!!), and Jason Taylor did an outstanding job getting penetration through the gaps and in the flats. Monster job.
Secondary: Revis/Safeties (A-), Wilson (B-), Cro (C-). For his first career start, Wilson did an admirable job. Cro, on the other hand, needs to work on those fundamentals. YOU ARE SINGULARLY GENETICALLY TALENTED. PLEASE LIVE UP TO YOUR POTENTIAL.

Special Teams: Weatherford/Folk/ReturnTeams (A), Blocking teams ©. ’Nuff said.

So yeah overall I think we’re going to have to get MUCH better on offense, but our defense is going to be amazingly good this year. LETS GET SOME WINS, JETS!!! And by week 4, we’ll have Pace, Pool, and Holmes in the game.

That’s when we start REALLY fucking people up.

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