I'm not gonna lie

I am a little worried. Mark had time to throw a number of times and telegraphed his pass or, as we've heard to death all night - checked down checked down, and seemed afraid to throw anything vertical or a little deep down the sideline, even though he has Cothery and Edwards. I have to believe they were both open a few times.

Kellen Clemens was raked over the coals for a small window of actual starting time and who was his best target during his 'prove it' game??? Why the cement handed Justin it is a little disturbing that Clemens is craaped on so much when Sanchez gets pass after pass for epic fails which directly result in the team losing.

Despite Wilson stinking up the joint (Lowry please!) and almost every offensive player (sans LaDanian and Mangold I guess) messing up at least one play, the Jets still could have won rather easily if Sanchez can throw a 15-20 yard pass to a WR.

Guess what, and I'm not a gloom and doom Jet fan, and I'm not a bandwagon fan, and I lived with Mark all last season.....Clemens can throw a 15 yard pass, and a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 2, to any of our WRs. I have complete confidence in Clemens being able to do that.

Like others said here, I find it unpleasant that everyone is kissing Sanchez' butt and Clemens was litereally craaped on on national TV, when a QB just like Clemens could very likely win a Superbowl with this O Line and this Defense.

That game was utterly painful to watch last night, because you knew the Jets D would keep stopping them and you knew the Jets QB would lead the team nowhere.

Now I know the Jets will likely win against all of there lesser opponents, but you have to beat good teams too. If Sanchez is garbage in the next game I would surely play Clemens. Even Brunell.

Let's win a superbowl this year with our Dilfer (Clemens) and Sanchez can take centerstage next year. It is strange that a "ground and pound, great defense" team would want anybody different than the safeer-bet Clemens anyway.

I know if Sanchez does well against New England and the Jets win this becomes a mute point, so I gues we bide our time, but I would honestly be a bit shocked and dissapointed if Sanchez is still QBing this team if he has another week or two like last night. No Santonio Holmes excuse either, Cothery and Edwards are surely capable.

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