Hazing for Jet Haters: The Goal Post or the Tackling Sled.


Maybe because of Rex Ryan or just a dislike for New York, New Jersey area, there is an increasingly amount of hatred towards the NY Jets. If you feel the Jets deserve it or not is not what this blog is about. I’m creating an imaginary blog about what should we do to the Jets biggest haters based on the Jets hazing ritual seen on Hard Knocks, with an added twist. Listed is a few of the Jets biggest haters. At the end of each hater’s description is what I would like to do to them, either tie them to the goal post or if the hatred is that bad, then tying them to the tacking sled, fully padded up to prepare for the practice  tackles we would use them for. The main purpose for this blog is to express your feelings for the people out there who can’t stop back lashing the Jets. Remember, I’m in no way promoting or advocating violence towards any individual mention. Just express your feelings; and feel free to add anyone I did not mention.




Michael Lombardi 



Ok, this is one guy I can say I hate. He has not even tried to hide his hatred of the Jet organization. I’ve counted at least twenty times he reminded the NFL network viewers that the dolphins have swept the Jets, and he was doing this last season. To tell the truth, I don’t know if I will just tie him up. I would more likely try to pry Bill Parcels nut sack out of his mouth. Much as I would like to give him the tacking sled, I’ll give him the goal post.



Skip Bayless



Seriously, who is this guy? He actually has a segment on the ESPN first take where he’s the self proclaim champion of the sports opinion. He’s another guy who has not hidden his hate for the Jets. Last season he picked the Jets to lose against the Bengals and Chargers: only to make excuses when the Jets beat both teams. He finally got his wish when the Jets lost to the Colts, claiming Payton Manning tore the Jets secondary up because of the Jets talking. Look like Payton being Payton to me. He now call the Jets the not Yets. After tying him up, he needs to be feed a steady diet of jaw jackers. (Yeah, I made up the word jackers), Goal Post.



Mike Francesa


Ok, I wonder if my triple A would cover dragging this fat piece of shit to the goal post. Mr. Francesa needs no introduction. This guy is an arrogant piece of shit. He’s another so called sports expert who doesn’t hide his bias for the other NY football team. I guess the best punishment for him is to have a conversation with him with his mouth taped up, or worse removing his tongue. This bum gets the tacking sled.


Darrell Revis




So what is everybody favorite corner doing on this list. Mr. Revis has embarrasses himself and the organization that I love. It does not matter what the Jets gave him; the Jets will forever look like an organization that don’t pay their top players. The fact that he is back softens my feeling towards him.. He gets a pass, he’s the best Jet player, enough said.




Dolphin fans, Tom Brady, Howard Cross, and fill in the blank ___________




I have friends that are Dolphin, Patriots, Giants, and Bills fans. Out of all these rivals, nobody is more irritating then my one friend that is a dolphin fan. After joining this site, I realize it’s not him; it’s the fact that he is a dolphin fan.  Out of these teams fan base, we are only subjected to the phin fan bravado. To tell the truth it can be fun going back and forth with one of your rival, and not all phin fans are bad; however, we have come across plenty a-holes who have reminded me of my sorry ass friend. The dolphin fans get the goal post. I would probably repeatedly hit them with a fly swatter to remind them how much of a pest they are.  


Tom Brady


Before I start on Mr. Brady, I have to remind the readers, I feel he’s the best quarterback in the game today. With that said, don’t think I did not see through his attention grabbing, Jet hating rant. I detected a hint of jealousy in his announced hatred of the Jets. He could not stand all the attention the Jets were getting and had to defuse the Jets thunder. Of course I have no evidence of this, heck, he’s Tom Brady, don’t have too much to say about him but only he’s a cheating Patriot. Because of the later sentence Mr. Brady gets the tacking sled, with Vernon Gholston doing the honors. Release the Kraken!!!


Howard Cross


Giant lover, Jet hater, tries to act like he’s not bias, but its hard not to see right through him.  He gets the goal post.



What you think GGN, if there’s anybody I miss, feel free to add them to this list

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