Tweeted notes about today's scrimage

Ok so was trying to keep up with the goings-on at the Green & White scrimage today/ I didn't see anything on here so went to good old twitter. The following would be some notes, A bit scrambled as you can imagine. Make of it as you will.

So apprently 4,500 at SUNY Cortland well ahead of the scrimage. The schedule is 1st team offense against the first team D to kick it off. In the 2nd half you will again have the 1st team O vs 1st team D. The 3rd team will get involved. FG's to close it out.

Players getting loose ready for the full pads scrimage.

HBO helicopters hovering about.

First play of the scrimage is a 70+ pass completion from Sanchize to one LaDainian Tomlinson. Afterwards Holmes get a nice 20+ pass over Cole.

From the Jet's twitter page = EA: How bout Ground and Pound coming out in an empty backfield? Schotty has options galore.

3 and out for Clemens led 3rd team O. Clemens 2 for 2 for 15 yards. Next up some guy named Sanchez (against 2nd team defense) throwing to Holmes for 34 yards over CB Brian Jackson. On the play LT, who is having a good night had a nice blitz pick up.

Matt Slauson starts at LG but alternating with Vlad.

Holmes with another long catch. Offense looks really good against 2nd team. Drive stalls though. Ihedigbo with a sack. Sanchez throws for 44 yards on 2 completions off his only 2 passes on the drive. So far Sanchez is 3 for 5 for 114 yards.

Next drive has a nice O’Connell to Taylor connection and finishes with a hand off to Washington who takes it to the house for a TD. 20 yards on the run showing some nice moves and a cut back.

Cumberland (TE) not participating in the scrimmage.

LDT’s numbers are 85 yards and a td with his 2 receptions. Only 1 carry for 0 yards.

Scrimmage is now at "halftime" Special teams practicing. Folk hits 3 fg’s of 35, 40, and 45 yards. Conley and Weatherford alternating punts and according to one "friend" Conley wins that battle.

After the break Sanchez overthrows Tony Richardson on the first play. The O goes 3 and out with Sanchez missing a pass to Tomlinson.

Next series starts off with Brunell handing off to McKnight who shows some fancy footwork but gets only a small gain. Brunnell’s pass is deflected but S Emanuel Cook can’t hang on to the ball. Coles completion over the middle from an Clemens pass, apparently a good pass-action fake on the play. O’Conell takes off on a scramble for positive yards, however remember you can’t hit the QB in this scrimmage. Krohl sacks O’Connell. "Very physical practice"

Jamaal Westerman impressing some people.

Clowney seems to be missing the scrimmage.

Lance Laury also impressing some.

McKnight also getting accolades, especially on last drive after getting a 25 yard run and 9 yard reception.

Practice is complete. Estimated 9,500 in attendance including players friends and families. Sanchez finishes 3 for 7 for 114 yards and a touchdown.

Folk misses 2 early attempts but ends on a high-note with hits from 40 and 48. Weatherford and Conley about even in punting competition.

Players finish by working the crowd. Well there you have it. Sounds like the offense had some very good moments.

I am sure someone will have a more detailed report but hopefully this will whet your appetites.

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