Revis needs to learn from Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson was just signed to an extension that makes him the highest paid WR, According to Houston media.

Here is an excerp from an article from Chris Duncan, AP sports writer:

'The 29-year-old Johnson had five years left on his old contract, but told McNair and Smith earlier this year that he wanted a new deal. The soft-spoken receiver caused a stir when he skipped three voluntary workouts in May and brought his desire for a new contract to light.

But his absence, and the media attention it drew, made Johnson uneasy and he arrived on time to training camp, hoping that the ongoing negotiations wouldn’t become a distraction.'



It seems that Johnson knows what happens when you set your priorities straight.

“I always said I wanted to play for one team,” Johnson said, “and to be able to play for the Houston Texans for the rest of my career, it’s a tremendous honor.”


Revis right now is not doing himself any favors, he is just hindering his cause. He could lose all leverage when August 10th comes around, then he would lose one year of service and remain a restricted agent for one more year. If Woody wanted to be a jackass he could tell Revis to sit at home for the next four seasons and not get ANY money.

While Revis has every right to request a well deserved raise, the Jets have no contractual or otherwise legal obligations to do so. If Revis wants the Team to be commited to him, he should be committed to the team. Show up when you agreed to show up and do what you signed on the line to do. Is your Job Revis, Johnson understood that and was paid for it.

PS: I am and will always be on the side of the Players/Workers, they make the money for their employers. But if they dont show up for work and/or do it grudginly with an attitude, then they should be fired, plain and simple. I am in a position at my job that is vital, without me right now they would have a lot of trouble. Yeah I would love a raise but I understand the economics, they need to pay the bills and make a profit to feed themselves. If I were to pull a stunt like this they probably would give me a raise but most likely fire me, or in the least never trust me again, deservedly so.

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