Can the Jets Back Up Rex's Boasts?

Jets fans, I've been in touch before so some of you may remember me. I am a broadcast journalist/statistician for Mid-Utah Radio in Manti and Richfield, Utah and I am currently going through NFL teams alphabetically and writing prediction articles. Feedback is always welcome, so please feel free to share your thoughts, as they will all be weighed. Enjoy!

I don’t watch HBO as it’s one of the premiere “red channels” on my Dish Network system so I’ve been deprived of watching “Hard Knocks,” starring the New York Jets.

Nevertheless, it is well documented that ever since Rex Ryan took over as head coach of the New York Jets 19 months ago, he has been no stranger to brashness.

The loquacious, confident coach has inherited numerous stars, such as tailback LaDainian Tomlinson and wideout Santonio Holmes in the past few months, thanks to general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s aggressive stance.

Meanwhile, Ryan continues to talk a good game every chance he gets and if you look at the Jets on paper, it’s hard to tell him to shut up.

When you have a signal-caller with as much potential as Mark Sanchez as well as young studs in Shonn Greene and Dustin Keller, the sky is the limit.

The offensive line is in good hands with true teammate Nick Mangold who despite contract uncertainty in an uncapped year, managed to show up to offseason workouts and training camp bereft of incident.

Even if Darrelle Revis remains stranded on his own island, I have watched Kyle Wilson numerous times in college and I believe he has the skill set to do a solid job so long as Revis’ absence continues and of course, even longer.

With all of this said, I fully expect the Jets to contend for the AFC East crown with the Dolphins and after we’ve heard Ryan say his piece over and over again, all that remains are the games to be played.

I do like the Jets chances in the AFC primarily because I’m trying not to subscribe to the notion that the Colts and Bengals “let them into the postseason” last year.

It is painful to admit, but if it weren’t for my Broncos gagging down the stretch, no one would even be questioning the Jets’ credentials as they wouldn’t have been a playoff team.

Nevertheless, that was then and this is now and now is the time we will see the Jets have some sustained success, something that has eluded them over the course of the past 40 years.

I’ll give the Jets anywhere from 9 to 13 wins although Baltimore is an awfully tough team to begin the season with.

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