Other minor impresions on the game

This is just what I thought was not touched in the main articles

.1- The Cruz catches were not as bad as they seemed, the first two were freak catches that the kid would probably not make in a real game. He was covered right but the defender just let him make the play, a hand or a little push and Cruz would have drop the ball. It shows that yes Lowery and Coleman are not that good in coverage and have to be more agressive.

.2-Gholston was indeed pushing the line when I saw him there, should look better against inferior linemen. Remember that the Giants O-line is a veteran one and good at it. Just dont expect Gholston to have a lot of tackles by the end of the season, he is there to allow the blitz to work.

.3- Folk really impressed, he was nervous and shaky and still got those kicks there, the one miss was by inches. The one thing I saw was that he was kicking to the right, all his kicks whent to the right, dont know what the wind situation was but if it remains that way then he should remain accurate as long as they recognize that and kick accordingly. Oh and Feely missed his FG atempt.

.4-Cromarty was just as good as Revis. Catch he allowed was barely hanged on to and he would not let the receiver move. Revis allowed worst catches than that last year. And was nowhere as physical, I loved seing Cro holding on to the guy, like if he was an escaped inmate from alcrotraz.

.5- LT and Shonn were outstanding last night, Mcknight needs a lot of work, could not find the seams, run behind the blockers and his route running was below average, Woodhead was running routes like a pro.

.6- Larry Taylor looked good, had no idea who he was before the game, mostly because I did not care for the guy but now I am impressed. He ran the ball well as a returner and was finding ways to get open as a receiver. Would like to see what he can do against starters. How no one is commeting on this guy? maybe I am just overstimating what I saw.

.7-There is no need to freakout about the holding calls, I think that the new position of the umpire is going to cause a whole lot more holding calls on everybody. We are all going to hate it, but it is for their safety. There was that one pass to Bradshaw that whent for 53 yards that someone was pulling a Jet's arm that wasn't called, but it works both ways, I hope.

.8-The final score is meaningless, it is like the Colts game last year when they pulled their starters. We would have trounced the Giants if it was a real game. I am really excited and happy after this game, most of the questions are being answered in a solid fashion. The Jets are the team to beat, there is no doubt about it. Now if only Revis would take twelve million a year.

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