Darrelle Revis : We Are All Victims


                                        I've had enough, You're dead to me Darrelle Revis, dead.

Lets be real for a second Revis. Anyone who's knows a grain about football knows that Nnamdi Asomugha's contract was foolish of the Raiders organization and it shouldn't be considered the pinnacle of cornerback contracts. Ditch your ego and sign on the damn dotted line, you're gonna make your money so stop chasing to top a contract that's been ridiculously stupid since the beginning. We've given you offer after offer and it's safe to say that each offer increased in money yet you continuously reject them all and allow yourself and your agent to make you look bad. Telling the media that contract offers were "Laughable" and lets not forget the fake injury stunt that you seemed to think would give you leverage over the situation.


You have no leverage here, your ass has green and white tattooed all over you for three more years pal so deal with it. There's only so much Woody and Mike T are gonna take from you before you push them over the edge. If there hasn't been any progress on contract negotiations why would they continue to waste their energy on you? I'm sure we have other things to worry about. If you can't compromise they will move on. If you wanna hold out the entire season that's fine. You waste one of your young, talented years, only make 1MIL for it, the same 1MIL that you've been fighting so hard to avoid and get some jolly fines on top of that. If that's what you desire by all means go for it. Fact is you're dreaming a bit too big and you better watch your step. Although finding someone to fill your shoes is a very tough task you can possibly become expendable.

Keeping Revis is a great thing, if we can work out a reasonable agreement with him and have him in green and white week 1 that would be great. He can make this Super Bowl run a whole lot easier for us and some people seem to think "Without him, not a snowball’s chance in hell." I'm here to disagree with this Phins fan. I can pretty much guarantee that almost every team that's won a Super Bowl did it without a "Shutdown Corner". We are worst without Revis but if he doesn't play next season it doesn't mean we suck. He isn't LeBron James and we aren't the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's not that type of an affect. Our defensive strategies will not be as extravagant as before since their number 1 wont be locked down but we can still flourish. Rex Ryan's defense with the Baltimore Ravens got him the Head Coach job here with the New York Jets and in Baltimore there was no "Shutdown Corner" yet his defense was still prestigious. The absence of Revis can cost us one or two games, maybe three but we aren't gonna get completely burned by offenses without him. Us losing him doesn't mean we'll be the 1-15 Dolphins and us having him doesn't mean we'll be the 16-0 Patriots, so throwing our season down the drain already is a quitter's cop out. I'm ashamed that I've seen comments saying such a thing from Jet fans, from New Yorkers. Just give the Dolphins fans that come here something to grin about.


Coming to a close, here's a few points I wanted to put out there.

Nike- I'm not sure if Revis actually is endorsed by you and your "Witness" campaign but if he is you need to stay as far away as possible from any New York Jets or New York Knicks athletes because your 2 for 2 into making your endorsed players into assholes with that damn witness slogan. You want New Yorkers? Take a Giant, you can have em.

EA Sports/Madden-  Take that 99 overall and shove it down you're throat, you want 15MIL? Get a new contract on Madden.

Dick's Sporting Goods- I bet you enjoy watching that commercial, feeding your ego until its full on it's stomach. I wouldn't be surprised if that commercial got pulled since you're holding out. Is this the type of athlete they want to endorse?

Revis- I don't hate you, you may be dead to me but I don't hate you. I want to like you, fact is, I just can't respect you or your way of doing business. I'm unaware if someone is pulling your strings or not but the way people are starting to view you is no good. Do you see what you're doing to yourself? It looks like you aren't getting the money that you want which means you'll be home for 3 years if you want to continue this holdout. Don't you get that? 3 years of your career down the drain, 3 years for the game to change and evolve, 3 years for new Cornerbacks to enter the league, 3 years leading to you being forgotten. Don't do that to yourself, gain some respect back from your fans, teammates and the league by learning the word compromise. If we rejected the offer at Roscoe's it obviously means you're still asking for out of this world cash. You're gonna become the product of what your own success is based on, you'll be stranded on Revis Island all by yourself. Pack a lunch.




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