Top 10 games for next year. (10-5)

     Seeing as it's July, and football news at a minimum, I've decided to list the top 10 games in terms of excitement and how the game will turn out.  I won't predict the game (Like Matt's recent and very good game by game piece) just point out some storylines and magnitude of said games.  I will do this in 2 parts as i'm somewhat short on time part 2 should be here soon though.

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10. Week 15-  Pittsburgh Steelers

A game of possibly huge magnitude between playoff contenders in the bitter cold. What more can you want? Oh two elite defenses going at it? Yes, I guess that will be on display.  This is going to be a tough game for the Jets on the road and expect it to be a real nailbiter.

9.  Week 11- Houston Texans

As we all know had the Jets not trounced the Bungles in Week 17 last year the Texans would've made the playoffs for the first time in History.  Alas that did not happen and the Texans had an early summer vacation.  A game of revenge in which we saw Andre Johnson against  Darrelle Revis again (unhappy contract against another unhappy contract) in which should be a high flying exciting game.


8.   Week 8- Green Bay Packers


This game features the No. 1 defense against the No. 2 defense in the league next year.  It will also show the Jets defense tested against a strong passing game of the Pack led by Rodgers.  We can also compare Woodson against Revis and then assume who the real DPOY is.  This game should be a good measuring stick game.


7.  Week 12-  Cincinatti Bengals

Ahhh Thanksgiving! A time for turkey, family, and of course football.  As a fan i'm excited that the Jets got the Thanksgiving game (not excited it's on NFL Network)  In addition, the Bengals are a good team and will most likely be contending for a playoff spot.  We get to see Revis and Ochocinco go at it again and see if the Bengals can get some revenge.

6. Week 2- New England Patriots 

The first divisional game is huge and against the reigning AFC East champs.  It's once again a measuring stick for the Jets to see if they have surpassed the Pats.  With our new stadium the place should be rocking and the game will be huge for both teams to get a head start on the division

5. Week 3- Miami Dolphins

Back to back divisional games is always a toughie and this one will be away, these teams can't stand each other and last years game were excellent, it should be a physical game that comes down to the wire.  We'll get to see Marshall up against Revis and Oh Jason Taylor against the Franchise he's spent nearly his whole career at. This is what's it all about.

Shockingly, I still feel there are 4 better games so far so stay tuned! Also, you can post agreements/disagreements in the comments or do your own.

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