Rexables from Mini Camp 2010


"My goal is to win the Super Bowl, and nothing is going to get in the way."

"Our offense should be as dominant as our defense. I believe that. Well, close to it."

"Our thing as a football team is you’re trying to keep all of your good players. This is an outstanding football team. When we get to playing, we’ll be just fine. We plan on being the team that wins the whole thing."

"If there are teams that are looking at us not having chemistry, I think you’d be hard to find any other team with the record we had in the OTAs. I’m not going to say we were OTA champion, I’ll leave that to Channing Crowder [smiling], but I believe we were OTA champions again this year. One of these days we’re going to be Super Bowl champions. We’ll see when that is, sooner rather than later."

"We’ll always be honest about a guy. We had some guys, Jason Trusnik, that we’re involved in a deal and I let him know what I thought of them. It will always be like I’d much rather have a player that I feel good about go play for my brother than play for someone else. I think he feels the same way. If he cares about a player, he’d rather him come here and play for me than go somewhere else because he knows we’ll take care of those guys. We’re twins. He cares about his players and I care about ours. We always want those guys to be successful even when they leave you."

"You can only play this game one way and that’s full speed. You can’t go out there trying to protect this or trying to protect that. My dad had a great comment once, everybody can go after a guy, but it’s hard to kick that person’s butt when he’s kicking your butt."

"Again, I’m going to be myself. I said that from day one when I took the job, and I’ll be it when they’re telling me to leave 20 years from now."

"We’ll go to war with whoever the hell is on this team. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to be the New York Jets. We’re about the decal. It’s not about one individual."

"We're loaded as a football team. I keep going back to what my dad said: 'Just don't mess it up.' And I don't think we will. This team has no excuses. Our team knows it — we're chasing a Super Bowl."

On Mark Sanchez:

"No player that I've ever been around worked as hard as Sanchez did in the offseason. No player. Yeah, I had Ray Lewis and all that. But the mental preparation and everything else that this young man had to do day in and day out and what he signed up to do... He exceeded everybody that I've ever been around. And I've been around great ones."

On Darrelle Revis:

"Anything associated with Darrelle Revis should be positive and not negative."

"We have the same goals. We have the same vision for this football team. I'm excited that I have Darrelle…. I believe Darrelle is the best corner in football. I've said that for a long time. But I also think he's going to be a tremendous leader moving forward for our team."

"We're on a mission to win a Super Bowl. We know we have to be pulling in the same direction. I believe Darrelle and I are."

"He's a leader. Nobody works harder than Revis, with the exception of Mark Sanchez. That's who he is."

"The great thing is, he never has to apologize to me. Just go out, be yourself and that will be good enough for me."


On Kyle Wilson:

"Well, because we haven’t signed him yet, Kyle is an average player [laughter]."

"The thing I’m so excited about is that his study habits and all that stuff we talk about is why you’re seeing him do this, a steady climb. We think he’s got a chance to be a really good one. There is no doubt. We drafted him to be our starting nickel and I think he’s not going to disappoint us. He gives us great depth on the outside as well as being our starting nickel. I also think he’s going to help us as a returner and on special teams."

On David Harris:

"Any move we looked to do that first year when I got here, trading up for Sanchez, every single time it was, "How about David Harris as the player." He was the "player to be named." "Oh, and by the way, how about we take David Harris?" How about no way? [laughter] There’s not a chance. Do you think I’m going to give up a great defensive player like him? There’s no way. He’s young. He’s tough. He’s a great player."


On Kris Jenkins:

"I hear him talking a lot. I always think it’s funny. He’s not doing anything. I look over. "Jenk, you’re not even out there." [laughter]. I love him. He’s still going and he’s being himself. It’s good to hear him."



On Santonio Holmes:

"There are times when he looks like the best player on the field. He’s got great confidence in his hands. He’s just a naturally gifted receiver."





On Brodney Pool:

"There are some people that when they tell you things, you automatically say, "All right." Somebody who spent a great deal of time with him was my brother [Rob] and I’ll get my brother in trouble with Cleveland again, but he thought this guy was a heck of a football player. He told me the same thing once about Fabian Washington, who played great for us in Baltimore."



On Brad Smith:

"You talk about the [Tim] Tebows, well, Brad Smith — go ahead, we'll all say it — threw for 8,000 yards, ran for 4,000 [at Missouri], didn’t he? I’ve said that once before ... maybe a thousand times. That’s how athletic this guy is. If that means we’re going to put him out there and you think he’s a receiver and is going to play our regular offense, then prepare for that. If you think we’re going to be in Wildcat, or the Brad Smith offense with him back there, we can run a regular offense. That’s going to be a big advantage for us."

On Brandon Moore:

"Brandon Moore is one of the best guards in football. I’m not the only guy that knows that. Everybody in the league knows it. He knows it. We’ll see."

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