Revis and Cro Left Off the "A Team"

Total access recently did a piece on the best cornerback tandems in the league. It can be viewed HERE

The piece wasn't titled "The most under rated CB tandem" or "The best up and coming tandem". As such I have a problem with both choices made by Mushin Muhammad and Rod Woodson.

Woodson's choice of the Bengals tandem of J Joseph and L Hall isn't as off base as Muhammad's choice of Dolphin's tandem V Davis and S Smith. While C Woodson and Revis were mentioned but they're tandems were dismissed. I'll leave it up to GB fans to defend Woodson and company.

As you look at the key stats it is hard to put those two tandems above Revis and Cro.

                                             Tk            PD              Ints             Thrown at      %caught      QB rting

Joesph, 25 4th yr               69            20                 6                    108*                59.3*          67.8*

Hall, 25 5th yr                     65            24                 6                     101*                50.5*          52.8*


Davis, 21 1st yr                  51            11                  4                      76                  63.2          104.9

Smith, 22  1st yr                 31            12                  0                      67                  56.7          116.1


Revis, 24 3rd yr                  54            37                  6                    127**              37.8**         29.4**

Cromartie, 25 4th yr          33            10                  3                       84*                55.7*          72.0*

*-includes reg season + 1 playoff game

**- includes reg season + 3 playoff games

(tks, pd, ints compiled from Ta, %c, QB rt compiled from

The disparity between the Dolphins tandem and the the other two is to large to warrant their inclusion in this discussion. Mushin's seems to give them credit due to their youth but that makes no sense since none of these guys is over 25.  The Bengals tandem is harder to call. They have been consistently good. While you can argue that they are both better than Cromartie the gap between them and Revis is huge. So the question is are they that much better than Cro as to cancel out Revis's dominance. I would say no. Cro has been on the decline since his Pro bowl season and still his numbers are close to JJ and LH. The glossy stat numbers, (tks,, pd, and ints), are hugely in the Bengals favor however, the other stats provide a good view on how effective a CB has been. QBs were only slightly more effective throwing at Cro.

The reasons I would give Revis and Cro the edge is because Revis IS that much better. But also because if Cro returns to his pro bowl ways or even close he has the potential to be better than both of them. I think a return to man to man coverage, the fact he is playing for a contract, and the defensive mindset that the Jets have will help get him back to those levels. We had the best secondary with Lito and Cro is far better than him. I PITY THE FOOL THAT TRIES TO THROW ON REVIS AND CRO!!!

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