Some interesting facts about our new acquisitions and switches which indeed brings hope for their potentially phenomenal performances.

Just did some research today on some of our new acquisitions, and it makes me have even more faith in our front office, and the decisions they've made. Brings all the more validity into the, "In Rex we trust" slogan.

1.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jake Long (OL for Fagphins who is a 2 time pro bowler already mind you), was man handled by Gholston in college. Because Gholston is switching to his natural position at DE this year, does this logic not dictate that he will play at an AT LEAST serviceable level? 

2.) Brodney Pool had 4 interceptions and one sack in 11 games with the Browns in 2009. Not to mention he hits like a truck. According to a few sources, his many head problems were a result of migraines, not several concisions. In fact, in one interview he had, he stated he's only received one concussion before in his NFL career. With the type of defense we have, he is set up to become a star.

3.) This one is just obvious that I believe everyone knows already. Cromartie played his best in his rookie year when

the Chargers had him play predominately in MAN COVERAGE. What will Cromartie be doing in Ryan's system?

Hmmmm. If he stops inseminating women, and listens to the tutelage of Rex and Pettine, him and Revis could

become one of the best, if not the best, Corner Back tandem in NFL history.

4.) Another obvious fact, but still worth mentioning. LT will become the reason why Sanchez preforms much better this year than he did last year. He now has a reliable dump off target, something he did not have much of last season at all, and something that many good quarterbacks last season had as an asset.


This is all lofty thinking, and I'm sure one could come up with just as many points against these tidbits as I did for them. But if theres one thing that Rex has done to me, its positive thinking. I hope the new culture of this franchise and its fans isn't just to be confident and swaggerlicous, but to be positive, and not use the ever famous, "Same Old Jets" line EVER AGAIN. We didn't trade Babe Ruth to one of our rivals, there is no curse. Just an unfortunate collection of circumstances. 


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