Jets Should Pursue Marc Bulger

 This is an interesting post with an idea I hadn't heard from many people. Promoted to the front page by JB.

Those who have read my previous posts may remember I believed we should target Chad Pennington to bring in a mentor for young Mark Sanchez. Unfortunately, Chad resigned in Miami and it seemed like there was no one else worthy of bringing in.

Then today the Rams cut Marc Bulger. I think it would be in the Jets best interest to bring him in for a workout. Bulgers health has obviously been a question mark lately. He had next to no talent in St. Louis to work with.


Now Marc Bulger hasn't been putting up great numbers lately. In 2006, he passed for over 4301 yards with 24:8 TD:INT ratio. My intentions here are fully to sign Marc to a one year contract, not a lot of money. I think Marc has to consider it because right now there are not a lot of teams that are offering him a starting position. Also if Sanchez blossoms this season, he could prolong his career as a serviceable backup and mentor and could get a coaching job if he is interested going that route.


Why does this make sense for the Jets? Well Mark Sanchez is still young and raw, relative to other starting QBs. Statistically he was one of the worse, despite showing good progress down the stretch and into the postseason. Sanchez still struggles with some basic reads, he makes poor decisions under pressure, and well his durability has to be called into question. He is coming off minor knee surgery, but he also was forced to miss a game because of his inability to slide. Though we won that game, I wouldn't trust Kellen Clemens to step in at all. The Jets are positioned so they can win now. God forbid, something happens to Sanchez, we are in a world of hurt.


Marc Bulger is a guy who can step in as needed. He won't play unless Sanchez gets hurt. If he had the receiving corps and solid offensive line in St Louis, he would still be a quality QB. If Sanchez struggles, I don't think there will be any media controversies either. Bulger got cut by the worst team in the NFL. I don't think the media would attempt to thrust him into a game over Sanchez.


  • As mentioned above Mark Sanchez threw an NFL worst 8 interceptions while under pressure. Marc Bulger - an NFL best 1.
  • Bulger comes from the Mike Martz system. It has been suggested that the Jets will transition eventually to a more pass oriented offense. Bulger comes with experience.
  • Bulger had his own mentor, potential hall of famer Kurt Warner. Warner also mentored Eli Manning, and he's turned out to be something special too.
  • Bulger is a comprable QB to Sanchez. Sometimes its tough to be a good mentor if you had different strengths as a player.
  • Kellen Clemens hopefully gets traded for a conditional 7th round pick and is no longer a NY Jet!

I'm not suggesting Mark Sanchez can't learn it without a mentor. I think his learning curve may be sped up with an effective mentor. So what do you think. A good option?

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