If Only Mike Tannenbaum Was Fired When Mangini Was

I think I have calm down enough to start writing this piece. I have given this a lot of thought, and this will be well thought out and I hope you read it and I hope you respond.

In 2006 Mike succeeded the Terry Bradway. And it looked as though the next era in Jets management was going to be great. Mike started off drafting at the line and picked up great talents in D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. We had 8 other selections in that draft including Brad Smith, Leon Washington, and Eric Smith.

In 2007, the Jets selected four players, including Darrelle Revis and David Harris. In 2008, 6 selections, which included Dustin Keller and Dwight Lowery. And in 2009, 3 selections including Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene. This draft we saw four draft choices: Corner Kyle Wilson, guard Vladimir Ducasse, scat back Joe McKnight, and fullback John Conner. And next year, we are without a 2nd and owe Detroit a 7th.

What in the world are we doing? I realize the Jets that were lacking in the talent pool when he took over, but there is a right and wrong way to build a team. Trading for other teams garbage, having a decentralized team core, and being uncomfortable with an itchy trigger finger on draft day is a joke. The Jets are a team on the brink of implosion.

Rex Ryan mentioned that Baltimore's success through the draft has been taking the BPA. It seemed like that would be the Jets strategy. That's fine. I think in their hearts they did, and they got some great value! Kyle Wilson at 29 is better than Iupati at 29 (which is who I felt they'd get). Vlad at 61, a value pick again. He was expected to be a 2-3 round pick. I don't feel we reached. Then I disagree entirely with the Jets gameplan.


#1. Jets release Alan Faneca. Here is another reason to dislike Mike. He is froogle in the worst way. Doesn't mind taking those players other teams are looking to dump but when it comes to his own, he is froogle. Pete Kendall comes to mind. The Leon negotiations, the reports are that he didn't offer even market value. And now you are gearing up for a playoff push and you cut a still capable guard? To save 2.75? The Jets depth seemed post Ducasse pick to be finally great. Unless Faneca was a problem in the locker room that no one knew about I think its a bad move. For this season in which we feel a Super Bowl is within reach how is a raw kid going to perform better. Long term its a good move. Let the kid play and develop faster. However for 2010? Bad. Jets got worse.

#2. Just abort the BPA strategy and trade up two of their 3 remaining draft choices for Joe McKnight? How is that taking the best player available or someone who even fell? It isn't. Three things I'd like to point out here. First, was this the scouts barking down your ear Mike, or your franchise QB? You may have gotten a little bit of leverage in the Sanchez talks in 5 years, but the immediate impact is far worse. Second, you just lost all trade power when it comes to dealing Leon Washington. We saw the end result. He wasn't even worth the 139th pick. Third is simply the opportunity cost. How is a fifth round pick AND Joe McKnight who cost #124 and #198 worth more to the Jets than Leon Washington and the opportunity to select Ricky Sapp, Arthur Jones, Cam Thomas, Zoltan Mesko, or Eric Norwood,  AND Myron Rolle. I understand this may be confusion especially for those who havent taken macroeconomics.

*We could have had Leon Washington, AND pick #124 which could have turned into Ricky Sapp, Arthur Jones, Cam Thomas, Zoltan Mesko, or Eric Norwood,  or Myron Rolle IN ADDITION TO pick 198 which could have gotten us Myron Rolle. On the flip side we could have had instead of (lets say sapp, washington, and rolle) McKnight and John Conner.

Call me crazy but I'd rather have Leon, and two prospects. There is nothing that McKnight offers us other than more than one year security and slightly less durability concerns. Doctors concur if properly rehabbed a broken bone with heal stronger than before. The only objection anyone can have to the statement above is Leon may have hesitation from a dramatic experience. With Leon's personality, I doubt it. Fourth,  How is reaching for McKnight any better than Deji Karim in the 6th? We don't need McKnights return ability. Both are capable receivers, and Karim may be better between the tackles. Jets got worse.

#3 We trade Leon Washington AND 7th rounder, which could have been used to secure Donovan Warren (no one could tell me he'd go undrafted on this site) worthy of John Conner? It isn't. Leon had no value after scenario #2 listed above. Why is John Conner picked? Cam Thomas Arthur Jones or Zoltan Mesko may have more value to the Jets, especially this season. Conner won't displace Tony Richardson this season unless froogle Mike releases Tony before the start of the year to save a million. Jason Davis reportedly was going to be the heir to the fullback position and will be cut. Chauncey Washington no longer has a future as a Jet. This move only secured a quality fullback for 2011 and 2012. But wait, we have 4 receivers and plan to use Mark Sanchez more moving forward right? If not, why did we can Santonio Holmes? Is Conner over Davis worth more than Mesko over Steve Weatherford? Or the insurance of the DL? Answer: No. *Oh yeah. Once Leon signs elsewhere after this season, we would get a compensatory pick. Probably in the 6th round. FAIL*

#4. Are the Jets better off than post Santonio Holmes trade? I'd say no. Our O-line now has a question mark. Our QB situation is still delicate. Our WR corps did not get improved. If Holmes smokes another joint he is suspended one season. We failed to add a TE. Our running back situation in my opinion is worse.  The defensive line is being taken for granted. VG is a project at DE and shouldn't be relied upon. If he is a starter we know where opposing teams are running to. That once solid run defense becomes league average. Our linebacking corpse got a good veteran but no prospects to speak of after 2010. I love our new nickelback. But no true safety support and backups that I feel we needed. I strongly feel we had the opportunity to do some great things this draft. We accomplished one thing, an upgrade at nickel. We are a worse team, Mike Tannenbaum, you should be ashamed for how you conducted this draft. You lacked vision and we aren't even better prepared for the 2011 draft. We can't move up to take anyone and are stuck with 4 or 5 picks. 7 selections in the past two draft is unacceptable. 17 in the past four is unacceptable. On pace for 21 over five is unacceptable. We do not want to be the Washington Redskins. We want to be the NY Jets. A team that has heart, good character, and great product. If you can't deliver step down.

2010 Draft Grade: D+ Kyle Wilson saved you from an F

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