My take on the Jets and Gang Green Nation!

Before I say anything. I shoot from the hip and sometimes it comes out wrong. So let me say this. EVERYTHING I am going to say is meant to be nothing but a sincere compliment. I mean that.

I'm  from the South. So I guess sometimes New Yorker's get a bit of a bad rap for being brass (I don't know if that's really a word or not). So I have to laugh when I admit that I didn't know how I would be received if I came over and tried to tell you guys how much I enjoy your team. Sometimes sister sites are kind and sometimes their cruel lol.

But I have been treated cool and have enjoyed reading thru your site and your posts and shots.


Sometimes I enjoy hearing what another fan base thinks about the Chiefs. It's eye opening. And as much of a Chiefs addict as I am, and I'm bad, I usually learn something from listening. That doesn't mean you do and I apologize if you don't like these kinds of posts. But I am a guy that always has a 2nd favorite team. Now that only interprets into "If the Chiefs aren't playing, I'd watch this team". It certainly doesn't take away anything from my absolute favorite team on earth, my Chiefs.

Well, that team is now the Jets. When I was a young kid, I enjoyed the Staubach led Dallas Cowboys. Later, the 49ers with Joe Montana were my second favorite team.  You see a common theme here? It's all about teams that are exciting to watch. Teams that have those players that you love to root for, like Sanchez and Revis Island.

See here's the thing. And again, I mean this completely as a compliment;  Up until a few years ago no one really paid any mind to the Jets. Much like my Chiefs. So I feel your pain. But, you got these players that it's hard not to like now. So you watch to see how they do in the NFL. Well, that's how I got started becoming a Jets fan anyway.

From there, I loved Rex Ryan from day one. He's great isn't he? He's fun, he's a damn great coach and he has the players attention and complete loyalty. They would kill for him. That's rare! He's hilarious on all of his news shots. You have to watch him. You don't want to miss what he's going to say next.

Anyway, fast forward. This is how I see your Jets.

You have a very, very special QB. And that means that you have years and years and years of great seasons, great highlights and fun Sundays coming your way. See that means something to me. Cause I dream of the day my Chiefs are there. I like that you guys are underdogs like us. But you rise to the occasion. What's not to like?

I mean you guys just quetly crept up on the NFL. No one saw that coming several years ago. It's a defenite tribute to your management. They not only built a high quality team, but a fun organization with personality. I expect a LOT more people will be rooting for the jets when their not playing their team this year.

You guys are built not just for this year to take a ring, but my God, seriously you guys have a team that is very capable of winning several rings over the next decade. And I haven't seen that in a team since the Colts and Patriots began their run. So that means in my mind, you guys are next.

Wouldn't it be cool if we both became elite and played each other in the playoffs every year lol?

I don't know if I'll be poppin' in again for awhile, I'm busy enough with my Chief's draft and offseason shinnanigans lol.

Anyway, I'm not a Jets homer, so my views are not biased on that. My perspective is completely unbiased by any type of hometown loyalty. So if that gives you hope, well, it probably should.

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