Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #10

When the Jaguars played the Jets last year, we were overwhelmed here by friendly Jacksonville fans. I can't remember another fan base we have encountered with as much collective class. Leamg will try and pay back our debt by making a good pick.

With the tenth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, Leamg picks for the Jacksonville Jaguars...

Jason Pierre-Paul

This guy is a freak of an athlete. He has massive upside and potential. However, he does have the added risk of becoming a bust at the next level due to only playing one year at USF.

Yes, the Jags just picked up Kampman, and that's why I think this is a great pick. Pierre-Paul can sit behind a good veteran DE and learn the position. The Jags failed miserably in trying to get after the QB last season and this pick solidifies their need for years to come.
I really do believe that the Jags will trade this pick, however, in the hopes of picking up a first and a second so they can move down and take Tebow who everyone knows would be a massive hit in Jacksonville. 

My reaction:

I know the Jaguars want to beef up their pass rush, but Pierre-Paul reminds me too much of the  pass rusher they selected two years ago, Quentin Groves, in that he's more of an athlete than a football player. After only one big year at USF, I think this is too high for such a risk. I don't like boom or bust prospects in the first round. Everybody has talent. I'd rather see the Jags go a safer route here.

David's reaction:

I happen to agree that they will be trading down with this selection; however, this makes sense. They hardly had a fearsome pass rush last year, and although he is extremely raw, Pierre-Paul has great upside with good physical attributes. They could go a variety of ways here, but I think adding a pass rusher might be the best way to go. Morgan would have to be heavily considered here because although he may not have quite the upside that Pierre-Paul does, his bust potential is a lot lower as well. As it stands, the Jags need to get a better pass rush, Pierre-Paul is one of the premier guys at getting into the backfield, so I like this selection as well.
That's what we think. What do you think?

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