Mike Florio Has Sunk to a New Low

You know, I have always just passed Mike Florio of as a shrimp who takes "stories" that really don't mean anything and tries to make them interesting. In this process, he usually comes across as overanalytical and jumps to conclusions. Its annoying, yeah, but they at least do a good job of updating the site about every 10 minutes for football junkies like myself who need every headline the minute it comes out. 

So usually, I just read the headlines of the articles and move one with my life. But there was just an article on Rex's weight loss, so I was curious enough to read on. I was quickly reminded of the little schmuck Mike Florio is. 

You can read it here

But read the last two paragraphs. Revolting. 

But, frankly, if Ryan had discipline, he wouldn't have gotten so big.  And he also would have been able to lose the weight without having a doctor cut him open and but a big rubber band around a fairly critical internal organ in the hopes of making Ryan feel full at a time in the feeding process much earlier that he ordinarily would.

So how does a guy who has been unable to demonstrate discipline expect 53 men to discipline themselves when it comes to diet and exercise?  It's a great question, and it's apparently a gift that is possessed only by those who have the world by the you-know-whats.


Now there is stretching a story for entertainment value, and there is just disrespecting a man. So he has a weight problem. Its not news to anyone. Hes tried all the diets, none have worked. So he resorted to surgery. And it seems to be working so far. Great for you, Rex. He really seems happy, which is something very few of us can say. 

Sure, Florio, Rex is a terrible guy. Because Rex has no discipline. Because everyone can start at Morehead State and work your way to being the head coach in the biggest media market in the world, all while battling dyslexia and weight problems. Because Rex has a tough time getting his player to play disciplined. Because New York isn't one of the most sought after places to play for now amongst players because of this man. Because he let his team quit on him and went from 4-6 to the AFC Championship. Because the Jets aren't second the the Giants anymore in NY. Because Rex's players wont run through a brick wall for him or anything. 

We all have our weaknesses, our own kinds of personal problems. Not one person on this planet is perfect (Tiger Woods anyone?). It's what makes us human. Oh yeah, I'm sure that Mike Florio has had a fairytale life filled with nothing but happpiness and joy. No hardship in the life of Florio. Its all roses. 

Didn't mean to get on a soapbox there, but i'm really irked by this article. With all the negative things going on around the world, when something positive comes along, why do we insist of turning it into negative?

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