Jets potential Drafting Scenarios

Hey guys. I wanted to give you my personal take on the teams needs, and different scenarios for which the Jets may take come draft day.


Mark Sanchez (starter)   Kellen Clemens, Erik Ainge,

I don't feel this is a need what so ever. I don't think the Jets will take any prospects in the draft, and currently I don't see an adequate mentor for young Sanchize on the free agency market. I think a non-selfish backup would have been ideal, and someone who is great in the film room and reading defenses, but due to the restrictions on who the Jets can sign, and players available, I don't see a fit.

-Bottom line, the Jets pay look to an undrafted free agent to see if they can get someone of value. I predict one of Clemens, Ainge, or O'Connell will be cut this offseason or traded for a conditional very late pick in 2011.


Running Back.

Shonn Greene (starter)   LaDainian Tomlinson (backup) Leon Washington (scat back) Chauncey Washington

A solid group. Shonn Greene has had durability concerns but hasn't had a significant injury thus far in his career. Tomlinson is a wild card. He has the potential to still be effective with limited carries and solid blocking. Leon is the shifty change up back who is more of a threat with misdirections and outside. Leon is also the primary receiving presence.

-Bottom Line. Jets will probably look to the draft to get another insurance policy. I believe the Jets already have to solid presences rushing up the middle with Greene and LDT. While I am confident Leon will have a good year, he still may look to test the market soon eough and there is a threat of another freak injury. Thankfully with modern medicine, generally those coming off leg fractures tend to heal stronger than pre-injury. I feel we can use another back capable of getting to the outside, and one that can be used in the passing game.



Tony Richardson (starter)    Jason Davis (backup/practice squad)

-Bottom Line. Richardson is back and Davis appears to be well liked as his replacement. Jets probably wont draft or sign a fullback unless they feel he could be a special teams contributor.


Wide Receiver

Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery (starters), Brad Smith (Jack of all trades, master of none), David Clowney, Danny Woodhead (backups)

Edwards is back for at least one more year. Cotchery is very surehanded and clutch when needed. Brad Smith is effective in a special teams role and trickery. Clowney and Washington need to contribute on special teams to keep their jobs.

-Bottom line. Jets need a wide receiver or two. A slot wide receiver would help out Sanchez giving him a 4th option in the passing game (Behind Edwards, Cotchery, and Keller) Ideally the receiver could run solid routes for a rookie and possess strong hands. A plus would be one who has potential to be a #1/#2 wide receiver should Braylon be booed out of town because of his lack of concentration. If we go strictly slot receiver, I'd like to try and get a receiver later with upside, or one with enough speed and toughness to play on special teams.


Tight End

Dustin Keller (starter) Ben Hartstock (backup)

I predict a breakout year for Keller. Its not really a bold prediction but you could start to see more chemistry between him and and Sanchez. Hartstock was finally resigned. Wayne Hunter also fills in on short yardage downs.

-Bottom Line I doubt we draft one after Hartstock resigned. May sign an undrafted player to the practice squad who can block and might have a little offensive upside.


Offensive Line:

Starters: D'brickashaw Ferguson, Alan Faneca, Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, Damien Woody. Backups, Matt Slauson, Wayne Hunter, Robert Turner.

D'brick and Mangold are money. Pro bowl talent, young, and durable (knock on wood). Faneca started to show his age and wasn't strong in the pass blocking. Woody and Moore are also getting to the point where age can be a concern in the near future. Slauson in a year or two may be able to take over Moores role, but Hunter and Turner are nothing more than mediocre with little upside.

-Bottom line. I would be ecstatic to see Iupati. It is probably a dream as he could fill in at either guard or even RT given an injury or poor production from a starter, but he'd have to fall. Either way, I'd like us to target a tackle with upside and a guard with the athleticism to pull.


Defensive Line:
Shaun Ellis, Kris Jenkins (starters) Mike Devito, Sione Pouha (backups)

We are a little thin. Marques Douglas is still a free agent, and would be welcomed back. Devito is a situational guy who shouldnt be starting and Pouha could be effective on rushing downs. I pray Jenkins stays healthy and hopefully Pouha seems enough time to keep Kris fresh. Ellis was solid and age may catch up to him too. Even if we bring Douglas back he is a short term solution.

-Bottom line. I think if Douglas isnt signed we will use a 1st or 2nd on a DE provided there is one worthy of the selection. Another nose would be good late.



Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas (starters). Vernon Gholston, Jamaal Westerman (backups)

What a difference a year makes. Calvin Pace goes from being of pro bowl caliber in Mangini's system to mediocre in Rex Ryans aggressive scheme. Bryan Thomas had a solid post season and seems under rated. He may not be elite but did the job. Gholston figures to be given another chance and Westerman looks to be a special teams guy.

-Bottom Line. Jets lack a playmaker. While our starters may be solid, there is room for improvement. I think the Jets will look to upgrade.



Bart Scott, David Harris

Those two are solid enough. Bart needs to backup his words a little more, but overall great tandem.

-Bottom Line. A depth ILB could be used late in the draft. Again someone who can contribute on special teams and develop. If for some reason MT trades Harris for Brandon Marshall, then we'll have a problem.



Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie (starters) Dwight Lowery (nickel)

Revis is the best in the game. Cromartie should do the job, and Lowery gives you his best. The problem is Drew Coleman saw the field way too much last season and the Jets don't have the depth needed to take on the Colts and make it to the Super Bowl. Also Cromartie is on the final year of his contract.

-Bottom line. I'd like to see at least one more. Ideally a nickel back who can press and play man coverage without needing safety help. Provided we do face the Colts, they have 5 dangerous targets for Manning (Wayne, Garcon, Gonzalez, Collie, and Clark) Dwight Lowery has gotten hurt a little too.



Jim Leonhard, Brodney Poole (starters) Eric Smith, James Ihedigbo

Though I like Pooles ablities those concussions are worrisome. Jim Leonhard may be the most hard working football player on the team who only lacks size. Smith and Ihedigbo are system players who shouldn't be starting.

-Bottom Line. I'm looking for us to draft one. A free safety would be the consensus choice, with enough range and physicality.

Special Teams.

K Nick Folk. P Steve Weatherford.

Its time's like this I wish we valued these positions as highly as the Raiders do. (this is the only time I will speak highly of the Raiders - although those contracts were absurd). I hope Feely comes home, and if we dont bring in 12 punters this offseason I'd be happy.

-Bottom Line, I wouldnt rule out a late round punter selection. I hope Feely resigns, if not Folk is the guy. I hope he returns to pro bowl form or he will be on the way out faster than Doug Brien.



So after all of that, here are my needs. 1 scat back, 2 WR, 1 guard, 1 tackle, 1 DE, 1 NT, 1 OLB, 1 ILB, 1 CB, 1 FS, 1 P. One wide receiver, 1 DE, and 1 CB are my most pressing concerns.


#29 pick

-We select Jared Odrick. High motor, good intangibles. Will bring youth to the DL and be an instant starter. Not a sexy pick and may never get the sacks that a 4-3 DE will, Odrick could be a valuable boost to a position we are thin at.

-We take an OLB. Brandon Graham Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes come to mind. None of these three may even make it to us. All bring the same type of competitiveness and athleticism needed. May be only a passing down specialist unless Pace or Thomas is released.

-Dez Bryant. He has been falling on a lot of boards. For some reason, he seems like a Bengal type of player. He has the talent, time will tell if he has the heart and desire to be great.

-Mike Iupati. Not a huge need be a potentially dominate OL in future years.

-Trade down.  Accumulate draft choices.



If we draft Odrick, then I look for a OLB who may have fell, a WR, or a nickel back. If we don't I may look to either trade down and secure someone like Arthur Jones in the 3rd. Because Arthur is coming off injuries, I'd try to sign Douglas to a one year contract. I know Shipley is the consensus around here but I am confident he'll be available later and if we can some how get 2 3rd rounders here, and get him and Jones, I'd be very happy.

As far as the other picks, its best players available at the positions needed. Those who've seen my posts know I am high on Adrian Tracy out of William and Mary if we dont take a OLB first or second round. I have rethought my Cam Thomas pick and thought I still believe he has an upside above Pouha's and I'd like to have a 3rd nose, there are more pressing needs.


#29. Jared Odrick DE Penn State

#61. Patrick Robinson CB Florida ( I think he may indeed fall)

4th #1. I trade for a 5th and 6th

4th #2 Dezmon Briscoe WR Kansas

5th.Deji Karim RB Southern Illinois

6th. Anthony Levine FS Mid Tenn State

6th: Adrian Tracy OLB William & Mary.

Anyways I certainly wish we had more draft choices. Really would love to have another WR and OL.

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