#5 : Your "Needs" and "Situations" Debate.

Disclaimer: You might want to skip this paragraph since is a long article that invested much of my time in the article below. I hope it's valued and debated. I hope you read it all. If you don't please tell me, and I'll keep them shorter. So, I'm happy I'm it's a new week, and so I cranked this out. I definitely regret not making an account on GGN sooner. If you are debating whether or not to make an account, go ahead and do it already. I'm sure the GGN staff love receiving feedback.  As a mini-blogger, I love logging on and seeing new comments on the threads, it makes me feel I brought up good points in your debates.


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And now, a way to introduce you to the situation. Around this time of year, every team evaluates their weaknesses and tries to get rid of them and turn them into the future strengths during free agency, the draft, trades, and other ways.  Many Jets fans feel they know what the biggest needs are for the Jets and knows how they should precisely handle the situation this offseason. It's one of the biggest debates I've had--with others and myself. I don't know how I would handle the situation.

I am going to put these in no particular order, so I am not stuck changing the order after I read your responses.


"Past, Present, Future Looks"

QB == The Jets starting quarterback is Mark Sanchez. The Jets also have Kellen Clemens, Erik Ainge, and Kevin O'Connell. Some experts and fans have argued that the Jets need a mentor quarterback. Fans want someone with years of experience under his belt who can help teach Sanchez how to make smarter decisions on the field. This could help expedite fate and help Sanchez become a better Quarterback. [A Major Random Note on Expediting Fate - Macbeth or Oedipus Rex : Any Thoughts?]

HB == The Jets current starter is Thomas Jones. Others are Shonn Greene, Leon Washington, and Chauncey Washington. Fans say imploded on the scene and became the star the Jets wanted to see after losing Leon Washington to a disappointing injury. The Jets could try to get a running back such as LT or Westbrook if they lose Leon (to a tender offer sheet) or TJ (to release or trade). Some say TJ should leave, so is Chauncey who you want third on the depth chart or do you draft another? Getting another running back in this year's draft or free agency could secure the halfback position for years to come.

FB == The Jets current starter is Tony Richardson. I saw that most people love T-Rich. He's one of best fullbacks in the league right now (If not the best). The Jets also have a developing Jason Davis. Jason Davis is an active tweeter and has been signed to a future/reserve contract. I don't know the current status, but I don't think Jason Davis is headed to the depth chart next year, I think he's remaining on the practice squad unless something were to happen to T-Rich. However, I don't know that Jason Davis is the young future and full back the Jets need in their run-dependant offense. Another fullback pickup would enable the Jets to prepare for not being with T-Rich next year.

WR == The Jets starting Wide Receivers are currently Jerricho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards. The Jets also have Brad Smith, David Clowney, Wallace Wright, Marcus Henry, and Danny Woodhead ("official WR"). One could argue the Jets wide receiver position is unsettled. "NFL Experts" would argue the Jets need a special slot receiver (such as Wes Welker and the Patriots) to open up the offense more and give Sanchez another security target on third down and other short yardage situations.  Do you draft a WR? Develop Woodhead? Trade for a WR?

TE == The Jets starting Tight End is Dustin Keller. Other Tight Ends on the Jets roster are Ben Hartsock and Matthew Mulligan. People argue that the Jets TE Dustin Keller is a WR playmaker with a TE body and doesn't support the run game which ends up putting a Tackle or Guard in, as if, to tell the defense the Jets are going to run right now, since a major passing threat is not for this play. A balanced TE could allow the run game to open up and give Sanchez another passing threat as well. Do you draft a TE? Trade for a TE? Do you even acknowledge this as a problem?

OT == The Jets current starters are D'Brickashaw Ferguson (LT) and Damien Woody (RT). The one backup listed on the depth chart is Wayne Hunter. Some Jets fans are worried about the depth. Damien is 32 and Wayne is 28. I don't know if Wayne is just waiting for his time to take over Woody's place in the years, if so, that Jets definitely need to upgrade depth at the Offensive Tackle postion. The Jets have had an offensive line that has started all the games together the past two seasons, I see a third is going to be great for this unit. There could be some pick-ups late in this years draft or un-drafted talent. But how do you want to add depth?

OG ==  The Jets current starters are Alan Faneca and Brandon Moore. Others on the depth chart include Robert Turner and Matt Slauson. Alan Faneca is 33 years old and he is still a stud and pro-bowler. However, Brandon Moore does his job very well also, but not to the level of Faneca's execution. Slauson looks like he will help replace Brandon Moore in the near future, if he needs it. Slauson was coached by Callahan back in the day, so I see this was as a wise pick up by the Jets and definitely had Callahan's name all over it. I don't think I have seen Slauson get too much playing time. I have seen Robert Turner occasionally going in during games to support the run, and implying "Hey, We're running." But  It would be nice to see some more depth here also. How do you think the Jets should handle the guards situation?

C ==  The Jets current starter is Nick Mangold. His backup is listed as Robert Turner. When the Jets selected him 29th overall in the first round, it became the first time in a while I predicted the two first round picks of the Jets correctly. I don't know anything bad to say about Mangold. I did make him a background a while ago. (Link's here : I think Mangold was scheduled to only make 725k this year, however he ended up making 3.3 million because of incentives reached. It's true. I believe the Jets don't have to requestion if they should extend his contract. Do you? Is there some needed depth on the o-line though?

DT == The Jets current starter is Kris Jenkins, however we can argue the actual starter is Sione Pouha. Another member on the depth chart is Howard Green. So, one of the biggest, if not the biggest strength in this year's draft class has to be the numerous availability of defensive tackles. It's impressive to look at names and think about that these could be second round players in last year's draft, however, they are projected to the third round because the talent is in the DTs. After all, most mocks have the best defensive tackles, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy going number 1 and 2 respectively. So, do you find a young talent to match up with Pouha in the future years? Do we go for an edge rusher?

DE == The Jets current starters are Shaun Ellis and Marques Douglas. Others listed on the depth chart are Mike Devito and Ropati Pitoitua. Another defensive end signed to a future/reserve contract is Matt Kroul. Many people argue this is one of the major needs that the Jets need to address this offseason. Ellis and Douglas are both 32 years old. This hasn't slowed down production of either player. They still make an impact when they are on the field. Douglas is a major run supporter and Ellis went to the pro bowl with a broken hand. Ellis is someone I would hate to see replace, since I've seen him in a jersey for long time and he continues to produce. I believe Ryan loved seeing Ellis play with a broken hand (shows heart and pride). Some people believe the Jets should chase Travis LaBoy. Devito did shock us with playing pretty well throughout the year. Do you chase LaBoy and draft a defensive end in the early rounds of the draft? Do you look for a trade? How do you handle this situation for the Jets?

ILB == The Jets starters are Bart Scott and David Harris. Other Inside linebackers on the Jets depth chart include Ryan Fowler and Kenwin Cummings and Larry Izzo. David "Hitman" Harris and Bart "Madbacker" Scott look solid and Ryan believes they are the best inside linebacker tandem in the league. I would have to agree. Kenwin Cummings and Ryan Fowler look like solid replacements if needed. I could see the Fowler have more impact Special Teams Ace Larry Izzo had impact on special teams until his knee injury. Rex Ryan also mention Larry Izzo because he was ''on winning teams, so hopefully he continues the trend.'' He did. But right now, it looks like he won't be a Jet next year. If the Jets lose Izzo to free agency, how do you think the Jets can replace the tremendous impact he had on special teams this year? Is Fowler the answer or is the draft?

OLB == The Jets current starters are Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas. The Jets also have Vernon Gholston, Marques Murrell, and Jamaal Westerman. Calvin Pace is one of the best pass rushers but without having another pass rusher on the other side, it makes it hard to challenge the quarterback. Bryan Thomas is solid in coverage and run support, but getting to that quarterback has been a challenge for him. Vernon Gholston looks like he is staying but I think if he makes impact this year, he's like a great pick up and maybe the Jets can find a way to get him to have impact. Ryan pictures Gholston having a bigger role this year and more impact.  Westerman looks like another solid backup. The Jets have solid backups in this, but they need to find that pass rushing phenom who can drop back in coverage occasionally to help Coach Ryan. How do you address this need? How high is your priority level on it?

CB == The Jets current starters are [Numerous Rounds of Applaud... Darrelle Revis (Mr. Manhattan)], and Lito Sheppard and one can argue Dwight Lowery and Donald Strickland play so much, they basically start. The others on the depth chart are Drew Coleman and Marquice Cole. The cornerback to play opposite Revis raises numerous questions in the Jets currrent depth chart.  Lito played 39% of the defensive snaps during the regular season and was not the starter for the AFC championship game. The Jets owe Sheppard a ten million dollar roster bonus shortly, is that happening? The Jets backups Dwight Lowery and Donald Strickland look like solid backups. Are they solid and in the Jets future? I think Lowery is pretty good covering the third or fourth receiver on any team. Strickland was a great pick up in the offseason and I see him having a more impact role next year and blitzing more, he goes for the ball often and ends up getting close. Who do you think the best corner to match up with Revis is? Do you bring Nnamdi in for the next four or five years, and pay him crazy amounts of money in an uncapped year and force teams to really run? Do you take risks and try and pull two corners in the first couple rounds hoping one will make an impact? How do you handle the situation? The safest way to be get Nnamdi (a proven superstar) but the value, is it worth all that money? Is it worth the draft picks and players? How do you handle this situation? Do you trade up in the draft? Trade down and understand two corners can ensure a solid competition and ensure more depth? Just get one? What do you do?

FS == The Jets current starter is Kerry Rhodes. The other free safety on the depth chart is Eric Smith. Kerry Rhodes was benched during the regular season and currently has to deal with trade rumors. While Rhodes was benched for not being physical enough, Eric Smith took his place. I don't know if Eric Smith is a starter next year in Rex's system, definitely a solid rotation in the safeties, and an impact player on special teams. After Rhodes' benching, he became more of the player we'd like to see, but the wake up call definitely makes you ask: Do you give Rhodes the boot or trade him to another team? How do you handle the situation? Is it worth causing another need to address with the draft? Is James Ihedigbo the starter next year?

SS == The Jets current starter is Jim Leonhard. The other strong safety on the Jets depth chart is James Ihedigbo. Jim Leonhard was brought to New York and actually took less money last year to stay with Rex Ryan. He was offered a higher paying deal by the Denver Broncos and definitely looks to be stick with Ryan for a while. As an un-drafted free agent, he exceeds most expectations. The backup James Ihedigbo (King Ugly - voted in this year's past training camp) is an active tweeter, enjoys connection with Jets fans, and definitely has impact on special teams. He could take Rhodes' place next year. I got to be honest I don't know if I should even question this position. Do you think we're set? It definitely can't hurt to find some depth in un-drafted free agents.

K == The Jets current starter is Jay Feely. The other kicker on the roster is Nick Folk. Jay Feely was successful in the postseason, unlike his opponents, up until the colts game, 1/3. Jay also missed a field goal against the Bills, a game that went into overtime and lost by a field goal. He did make up next Bills game going 4/4. Jay Feely also holds a record for consecutive field goals in Jets history. He is clutch. The recent signing of Nick Folk has many Jets fans and Jay scratching their heads. Nick Folk did have a horrible streak of misses before he got the boot from the Cowboys. Most fans like Jay Feely, he is an active tweeter. Signing Nick Folk was an early decision in the front office. It does secure the spot for next year, if you like Folk, if not, what do you do if Feely won't re-sign.

P == The Jets current starter is Steve Weatherford. No other punters on the depth chart and no other need to have two punters on the depth chart. Last year, the Jets went through a carousel of punters before arriving with Weatherford and it seems he sort of won by default. He missed a playoff game against the Bengals and Feely did take his place. During the season, he was average at best. The two fake punts he ran for, were both successful and something of an enjoyment. However, how do the Jets handle this situation? Do you go on the merry-go-round trying to find another new punter this year, again?

This is interesting how I suppose this can be a condensed version of what's going through Tannenbaum's mind. I don't know how he sleeps. And..he definitely knows more about each situation and I respect that he keeps to himself through negotiations and debates. 


Please send me emails ( about suggestions for your debates.

Again, you're in charge of the Jets, Here are my two questions for you:

1) What are the Jets biggest needs? Please list in order and specify what the order is. You can skip.

2) How do you address the needs? Please list after the need



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