#4 : Your TJ-Workhorse Debate.

Hey everyone, I really appreciate everyone who continues to read my posts, it means a lot to me. Make an account, and comment, and state your side of the debate. I got a massive article coming out tomorrow, I've worked on it since Wednesday.

Is TJ's value appreciated?

To introduce you to the situation, Thomas Jones has articles and he is known in the media world as "The NFL's Indestructible Man". . He has logged 1400+ carries and not had to worry about injuries or ice-baths. He is one of the hardest workers every offseason and he works out everyday. However, he is due a 3.3 million dollar roster bonus, is it worth it? He's proven he can carry the load.


Here are his stats as a New York Jet:

Rushing Receiving Fumble

Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost

331 1,402 4.2 71T 14 10 58 5.8 28 0 2 0

290 1,312 4.5 59T 13 36 207 5.8 19 2 2 1

310 1,119 3.6 36 1 28 217 7.8 25 1 2 0

(courtesy of


The issue is that Thomas Jones is almost 32 years old. The saying goes that production drops off after a running back hits age 30. He says he felt like a rookie at the beginning of the season with fresh legs. He showed his production was not going to drop, in fact it was going to improve. After leading the AFC the season before, his impact carried the Jets into the playoffs along with Shonn Greene's emergence. 

When Rex Ryan became the Jets head coach, he said, the Jets would be ground and pound team, getting rid of Thomas Jones would be getting rid of the person who made and kept the team's identity in check.

Besides being a hard worker, Thomas Jones is one of the leaders on this team. He is underrated and has the team spirit since the first day he was a Jet. He doesn't care if he posts 10 yards in a game or has to post 200 like he did against the Bills. He wants to win. He has said this. I believe him. If he has that belief, why not keep him for the final year on his contract and not have to worry about another untested rookie running back. There is a lot of depth in this year's draft so that could make your debate argument much stronger.


The fact is he is a team player. When asked about not being voted into the Pro Bowl, he said it's because he doesn't care about personal achievements and he wants what was best for the team. His nonstop work ethic has helped Shonn Greene become a back Jets fans envision as next years starter..


Two other veteran backs have been cut including Brian Westbrook and LaDainian Tomlinson. Is TJ next?


Please send me emails ( about suggestions for your debates or comment below.

If you are in charge of the Jets today, I have three questions.

1) Do you pay Thomas Jones the 3.3 million he is due after only being paid 900,000 this past season?

2) How do you find someone on the depth chart to replace TJ?

3) If you cut TJ and let Leon re-sign with another team, who else do you bring in depth to the two RB positions?


Well according to the last post by Birch, it looks like he is being released. Is this a good move by the Jets? 


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