Inconvenient Facts About Our J-E-T-S

This is my first FanPost, so let me quickly say something about myself:  I'm a superstitious guy. I just am.

When NFL Network revealed the Top Ten Most Snakebitten Franchises, the Jets were number 8 (too low? too high? you be the judge) and presented many many many clips of times where the entire team completely folded under the pressure either in a season (2008), a single game (Fake Spike, Doug Brien, Gastineau), or an entire decade (the early 90's with Coslet, Carroll, and the "plumber's assistant" Rich Kotite).

This information in mind, I did some investigating of my own to see some unique ways in which our beloved JETS (and I still love them, despite the severe beating they were given on MNF) have suffered through the years:

1 - The first time a QB threw for more than 4,000 yards was in 1967 when Joe Namath threw 4,007.  That's the only time in Franchise history that we've had a 4,000 yard passer.

2 - No QB has ever thrown 30+ TD passes in a season (Testaverde came close with 29 in 1998).  Meanwhile, 15 QBs have thrown 20+ interceptions in one season.


4 - The Franchise as a whole has only had 3 consecutive winning seasons with the same Head Coach once (Weeb Ewbank, 1967-69).

5 - The Franchise record for wins in a season is only 12.  The record for wins in a two-year period is only 21.

6 - The Jets have NEVER beaten a Division Rival in a Playoff game:  2 losses to the Patriots ('85, '06), 1 loss to the Dolphins ('82 AFC Champ.), 1 loss to the Bills ('81)


Am I implying with all of these statistics that the Jets are a hopeless team?  Absolutely not.  The Jets have made strides, especially in the last decade.  Perhaps we even have a head coach with the right personality (and even job security) to stay the course until we reach that ultimate summit.  The bottom line is: IT IS POSSIBLE

Did you ever see the Saints pre-Drew Brees/Sean Payton?  The Rams or Cardinals pre-Kurt Warner?  All of them were laughingstocks, all of them were snake-bitten, perenial losers.  And yet, within the last decade all of those teams have shattered team records, climbed to new heights and even made Superbowl appearances.

As fans, we need to stop thinking of everything as hopeless, or "doom and gloom", and just enjoy the ride.  Maybe that's just easy for me to say because I don't play football or work for the NFL in any capacity.

In any television show, movie, or book series, somebody always has a favorite character or group of people with some less than desirable trait - the JETS are the ones that keep trying, despite seemingly insurmountable odds in an environment that is not friendly towards them in any way.  But they'll reach it eventually - because they always get back up.

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