In Depth Off-season

 First things first fire BS, and hire McDaniels I know a lot of you don't like him but he would be a much better OC for Sanchez.. Then if they could demote Rex back to DC and hire Cowher as HC to get the court jester of the NFL tag off of the Jets, nobody is going to take the Jets serious until Rex knocks the stand up routine off he isn't HC material how many HC that where silly and cracked jokes all the time won the superbowl "0" Bill "the una bomber" Belicheat, Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Brian Billick, our cross town rivals HC Tom Coughlin, Don Shula just to name a few, I hope you get the picture serious guy's, not some bad stand up routine at some dive of a comedy club. The Jets will not win a superbowl with Rex at the helm he either needs to be demoted to DC or needs to knock his clown routine off and get down to become a real HC.
   Alright know that the coaching staff is straightened out we move on to re-signings, and cuts, as well as some trades. Lets first look at the Offensive side of the ball seems to me the line is okay Slauson is shaping into a decent LG. The problem is what about Woody he is getting old fast and, Vlad isn't really ready unless, Callahan gets him  working really hard during the off-season then maybe just maybe he'll be ready. The TE situation is very good but, could be better we keep Hartsock, which I read on somebody else's post they wanted to get rid of him, no way! dump Mulligan Then sign Zach Miller from Oakland very good TE can block and catch we could then run 3 TE formations with Keller,Miller and Maybe Cumberland that could be real fun. Time to talk about some WR's I really don't know how I feel about any of them, Jco. has had some piss poor games this year Tone has had some big catches as well as some big drops. Then you have Bray who has disappeared at times which could have been by game plan. The good thing about this is that there is going to be a lot of elite WR's on the Market this coming year. IMO keep both with incentive laden contracts if they don't like it let em walk. The RB's situation isn't as sunny as everyone thinks it is. I mean Green is a monster but LT is slowing and, I love the guy but guess what it's a business of winning in the NFL so let him walk and sign yes another Oakland player Mike Hart, young and hungry to get out from behind DMC, and is a good pass catcher, and let Joe Mc develope into our own Reggie Bush perfect size for it. How about some cuts like Clemens and  T.Rich. father time is calling! see if Brunell wants a to stay onto coach up Sanchez or, if we get McDaniels they won't need him.The offense is now done no draft picks towards it not a thing.

   Time to get into some Defense which needs a complete overhaul except for a few spots like Harris, Revis, Cromartie and Pace as well as a few others like Pouha and Devito, trade Scott for some draft picks and that's about it there's really nobody worth trading the rest are old men let Ellis walk, JT Walk, Thomas 31 restructure and he can be a rotation guy, Coleman walk, Pool walk, Smith walk, Gholston run, Pryce walk, restructure Jenkins then Sign Cro which should be pretty easy considering the market will have a lot of talent, so the D roster would look something like this:



















    Now we got a lot of hole's to fill out the one glaring spot is OLB and FS and unless the Jets are ready to turn Lowery into a fulltime FS which would be a really great fit for him IMO. They would need to sign one cause there's really no good FS in this draft class. To fill this spot I'd say Eric Weedle Awesome FS or even Dashon Goldson, a few other FA's that I'm kind of high on are Paul Soliai, Allan Branch, Cullen Jenkins, Manny Lawson,and Tamba Hali any two of these players would greatly enhance the Pass Rush.Then the Jets could go draft some real good defensive players. I.'ve looked at a couple of mocks for this coming draft and the best pick so far that I agree with is Phil Taylor from Baylor he's 6'3.5" 340lbs. this guy is an animal he benches 455lbs. and squats 655lbs. very smart too he was 09 selection to the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll,or they can go ILB with Dontay Moch extremely fast and good size just about 6' 1.5" 242lbs. they are predicting him to run somewhere in the high 4.3 to low 4.4 range, as well as 22 TTFL which is good for 5th in the nation, this kid is flying up everyone's board. they have him somewhere in the 2nd as of now pending his combine workout which could catapult him into the lower 1st round. I'm kind of leaning towards Moch to team up with Harris now that would be a nice tandem a real lightning and thunder, onto rounds 2-7.

 A solid mid 2 Marvin Austin from UNC, I know he has issues maybe he has grown up? at 6'2.5" 310lbs.,Extremely athletic, quick first step, excellent pass rush moves,spin,swim,club,rip, and bull and very good at taking on cut blocks.

As of now ranked round 2-3 Kenrick Ellis from Hampton 6'4.5" 340lbs. very athletic for his size, excellent, very strong arms & hands to keep lineman off him they're comparing him to Kris Jenkins, nice!

 Sam Acho a 2nd-3rd round guy,6'2.5" 260lbs. a very smart headsy player that has a nose for the ball he is also, a William Campbell Trophy winner, Ronnie Lott Impact Award Finalist, Walter Camp 2nd team,All American 3rd Team,phew! this guy is a high character player you want on your team, a leader, they have him running a 4.62-4.72 40, anything around 4.65 would be great, had 8 sacks this year and 15.5 TTFL,5FF,5FR so this guy can play.

 Moving a little deeper is Cliff Matthews from South Carolina, personally I'd love to see him in a Jets Uni. 6'3.5" 266lbs. runs somewhere in the 4.68-4.77 range but listen to this little tidbit. "A very high motor, very hard worker on and off the field, possess tremendous quickness,athleticism & superior overall ability" love it and the Jets need him right now ranked in the 4th-5th round, all SEC 2nd Team.

 Ricky Elmore, Arizona; 6'4.5", 260lbs. I've seen them saying he'll run anywhere from a 4.69 - 4.83 40, a 4.72 would be nice has also racked up 11 sacks this year and that's #8 in the country a solid 5th.

 Here is another great deep pick Markus White, FSU; 6'3.5", 262lbs. somewhere between 4.58-4.69, "explosive pass rusher, fast, high motor, can wreak havoc with his speed" 12.5TTFL,8 sacks. ranked at the 5th-6th round.

 Now this could be a total reach Lawrence Guy, ASU, 6'5" 300lbs. a junior that is ranked #7 in the 2012 class that could come out and maybe slip through the cracks and right into the Jets lap.

 at the 7th - FA region are some real gems like Steven Friday from Va.Tech 6'3.5" 250lbs. 4.54-4.66 40 good speed, next, Mana Silva Hawaii SS 6'1" 212lbs. 4.53-4.64 40 if he runs anywhere near a 4.5 40 that would be great 8 INT's this year good for 2nd in the country, he's a transfer from Oregon State only played 2 years at Hawaii and in 2 years has 14 total INT's as well as an excellent tackler. Another guy I love Mario Addison from Troy 6'2" 254lbs 4.54-4.63 40,15.5 TTFL, 11 Sacks and 3 FF, ranked 43rd out of 244 OLB coming out this year, and 506th overall.

 As we can see there are some real fixes in the draft for the defense, just as long as Mike T. doesn't trade all the pick's for four players as per usual, If you think this was a long and tedious read try to keep an open-mind before replying please. Thanks & Happy New Year

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