Lets Face It ..........

 This season is just about over! I'm a eternal optimist, but the reality of the situation is that, the offense is offensive in which it isn't changing anytime soon with Schotty at the helm. The management and coaching staff is refusing to address this. This however could be a blessing in disguise as I have said in another post, why could this be a good thing you ask? This could be the end of the love fest between Woody, Mike T., Rex, and Schotty. Woody wants a winner he won't be a happy camper if this season ends the way I see it happening, cause of inaction on their part. That brings me to my next point the way to fix this team in the off-season, and that's if their is a next year, so for what it's worth.

 First things first get rid of Schotty and hire McDaniels I know I know, he's still tight with Belicheat, yet this is a business. IF the Jets pony up some major paper for him it could change his mind, and do this as early as possible, to get him working with Sanchez.

 The next thing is, since the Jets and I do regret saying this but, they WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT make the playoffs this year! This means a higher draft pick and, they won't have their hands won't be tied in the FA market.

 Some of the draft picks that I think would be great are as follows:

     1)Jared Crick: DE 6'6" 285lbs. 40 projection 4.96. Plays DT right now but, at that size DE would be a great fit.

      2)Dontay Moch: SS 6'1" 242lbs. 40 projection 4.38. Plays OLB at Nevada however the speed he posses SS could be the place for him.

      3)Mike Pouncey: OG 6'4" 310lbs. brother of Markice, the Jets need to start thinking of a replacement for Brandon Moore and this guy is perfect.

      4) Pierce Allen: OLB 6'4" 265lbs. 40 projection 4.78. another Nebraska product but all I know is that the Nebraska D is bad ass they strong against the run as well as pressure the QB a lot.

 next on to the roster cuts and FA signings.I'll start on offense.

     1) Cut TE Mulligan and sign Zach Miller 6'5" 255lbs. 25 years old can run block and we all know he catches the ball well.

     2) This next cut is going to get everybody crazy but LDT then sign Micheal Bush 6'1" 245 26 years old has been stuck behind DMC for his whole 3 years in Oakland. I love LT he has been great this year for the Jets but he is 31.

     3) What to do with Woody he's awesome at runblocking but is breaking down as well as slowing down, IMO Give Vlad the nod next year and maybe Woody as a player/coach ?

 Next the defense and a lot of people aren't going to like this and I know they have been playing better of late but, the Jets need to get younger and faster in the front 7 and at saftey.

 1) The cut's: Ellis, Thomas, Kroul, Pryce, Gholston, Scott, Pace, Taylor, Coleman, Smith, and Ihedigbo alright calm down everyone wait for the FA signings.

 2) The FA's 1)Marcus Spears 6'4" 311lbs. can play any spot in a 3-4 or 4-6, 27 years old.

                       2)Allan Branch 6'6" 338lbs. 25 years old.

                       3)Haloti Ngata 6'4" 350lbs. 26 years old this is only if he isn't tagged.

     These next two are maybe?

                       1)Paul Soliai 6'4" 344lbs. 26 years old really coming into hisown the past two years.

                       2) Tank Tyler 6'2" 306lbs. 25 years old was cut by the panthers don't no what is going on with him?

Back to signing some LB's.

                       1) Manny Lawson 6'5" 240lbs. 26 years old very fast ran a 4.43 coming out of college just what the doctor ordered at OLB.

                         2) Lamarr Woodley 6'2" 265lbs. 26 years old,a strong athletic OLB need I say more.

                        3)Derrick Johnson 6'3" 242lbs. 28 years old, can play in or out, a great athlete.

                         4)Tavares Gooden 6'1" 242lbs. 26 years old, just a solid ILB.

                         5) Stewart Bradely 6'4" 258lbs. 27years old. is a little injury prone, but can play in and out.

         Now some DB's.

                         1) Drayton Florence he is 29 but this guy can flat out cover make him the nickle and Wilson dime/quarter coverage.

                          2) Bring back Abraham Elam for SS he has become a solid SS for a tough Cleveland D.

                          3) Eric Weedle for FS is a little small but can cover like a glove rotate him with Pool and Lowery.

 And of course re-sign Harris and, Cro. keep Jenkins, Devito, Pouha, Gilbert, Dixon, Pitoitua, Revis, Lowery, Pool, Leonhard, Wilson, Cole, Brown, and Tevaseu.

 I know this might have been a long and tedious read cause my grammar sucks but these things would make life a lot easier at draft time as well as make for some great battles come camp time.

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