We're fans; we have the right to nitpick

Bad game, great win by the jets. Just want to address some issues that will and should help improve this team.

Kyle Wilson

Have to admit, i'm pretty apprehensive about him playing nickel back. Can he do better then Drew Coleman, probably so; but he scares me just as much. However, he has to start returning punts on a regular basis's. Yeah he fumbled, but he also was very elusive in his two punt returns that sandwich a whole lot of ineffective Jim Leonhard returns. Say what you want about the offense, but it is hard to score in this league and even harder when you have to go 80-90 yards every time you get the ball. The jets have been losing the field position battle the last three games. 

Mark Sanchez 

Getting tired of defending this guy, he is a good QB. Does he need to be more accurate? of course, will he be the next Dan Marino? who is. What frustrates me is people are not watching how poise he has been in the pocket. On that pass to Santonio Holmes he made that happen by stepping up in the pocket to avoid the rush. He still needs to stop looking down his receivers, but he is noway as bad as hes been last season. He also does panic when it comes to screen passes, a lot of times throwing them too fast and short of his receivers. However, he's a second year quarterback. I'm comparing his career right now to Big Ben in Pittsburgh. Big Ben Went to the AFC championship his first year and won the super bowl his second year. However, it was more the team then Big Ben. He played good enough to not lose his first two seasons (Remember the Jet playoff lost to them). He actually played terrible in Pittsburgh super bowl win.   Now Big Ben is a super bowl caliber QB, because he played in a sytem that brought him along slowly, then let him develop. 

Coaching Staff

If you really follow the jets, you know Rex is not good when it comes to coaching challenges. Really not him, his coaches up stairs are not getting him the right information to him fast enough. I really believe the lions got away with a fumble, but to be fair, they got to the line real fast and called the next play. Remember last season in the first Miami game, they clearly fumble, but Rex never got a chance to challenge. His staff needs to get better at this. 

The coaching staff has to stop with this child like rule of if you fumble you don't play. I believe it hurt Shonn Greene confidence early in the year and it hurting Kyle Wilson confidence now. Fumbles are very costly, but don't act like this team is going the rest of the season without a fumble. Also, the stupid fines giving to Mark Sanchez for body language. They are depriving their QB from becoming a leader. He should be able to let his receivers know if they are running poor routes, not playing or practicing hard enough, and/or not fighting to aviod interceptions (thought Santonio could made an effort to come back and break up that interception, I could be wrong though).


Second straight game without a turnover (almost had two), third straight game without an interception. Is the jets defense too predictable? I really can't answer this. I think Crackback made the reference that how is it the line gets so much penetration on run plays but not on pass plays. They have dial down the blitz and have played more coverage on long third downs.  The front four is getting some pressure but not enough. What's happening is the QB's are getting off pretty good runs. Is it the scheme? they have some good players rushing the QB's. Think how great this defense would be if they start generating sacks and turnovers. Until this start happening, I will refer to the Jets defense as good not great. 

Steve Tasker 

Really hated the way he was calling the game. He seem anti jet or pro Lion on some of his remarks. One of his first uninformed comments were "Jet fans think they going to have an easy win here, but this Lion team plays hard". Ok, you need to do your research before you comment on a fan base. The majority of post on this site and other jet sites were the Jets need to respect this team. He also said " the Jets are going zone now because they now see how explosive the lions are". Again, anybody who follow the Jets know most of the times the defense is inside the twenty, they play zone. Should this really bother me? I just want to listen to someone who is impartial to wherever the team is from. 

Same Ole Jets

Jesus, I seen someone put this up before the game was far from over. While I know this is not the last time I will see this unfaithful slogan, its sad that I seen the same slogan at the Lion site.  That organization has had a far worse past then the jets, and I'm not just talking about recent past. Yet, fans of this team has the same ideology of that franchise. I blame the media for indoctrinating this belief in the jets fans. I see a lot of the sport casters on SNY who should be less judgmental with this ideology.  Win or lose, a real fan going to stay with their team through thick and thin. I'm not one who try to tell people what to posts, but can we do without this lame slogan.


Need I say more?

Great win by the Jets, lets hope some of these things improve. 

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