Hello Gang, Lions fan here

I'm a huge Detroit fan and wanted to come over just to ask you a few questions and maybe you ask me a few. This Sunday's game will be huge for us Lions fans, maybe not so huge for the Jets fans because the Lions may not seem like huge threats to you, but it will be exciting nonetheless.

I noticed that the Jets got shut out at home against the Packers and was completely flabbergasted. The Jets, at least to me, are one of the best teams in the NFL with playmakers on each side of the ball. For them to get blanked like that against a team at home that the Lions put up 26 points against (at their field in Green Bay too) and who lost to a weak Bears team, I really couldn't believe that.


Maybe it was just as bad game for the Jets, I'm interested in just how well they bounce back against the Lions, who are coming off a dominating 2nd half performance against Washington, putting up 37 points when they were giving up an average of less than 20 points a game prior to that. The Jets defense is a helluva lot better than Washington's though, with that Darelle Revis and Cromartie combo at cornerback, it will be tough for Calvin Johnson to duplicate his 101 yard and 3 TD performance against those two guys, that I do know for a fact.


Not only is the Jet's defense tough as nails, their offensive line is also one of the best in the NFL as well. With at least 2-3 probowl lineman, it will be a tough day for Detroit's defensive line no matter how promising they are, to put up 7 sacks like they did against Washington. The Jets running game is top notch with future hall of famer L.T and up and coming Shonn Green. Both of those guys can run very well and Detroit needs to stop those guys first and foremost. Mark Sanchez is a smart, game-managing QB that can definitely play good enough to keep the Jets games close, if not win them.


The receiving corps is excellent with Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and tight end Dustin Keller. This position, like every other position across the board, is stacked. This isn't going to be a walk in the park for the Lions, as the offense and defense of the Jets will keep the Lions on their toes, but I really can't say it's going to be a breeze for the Jets either. The Lions have play makers on both sides of the ball as well.


Matthew Stafford of the Lions needs to have a mistake free game Sunday. He's coming off a 4 TD passing game even after missing 6 weeks, which is impressive. The Detroit offensive line is protecting him and the offense is humming right now, the Jets defense will have to get to Stafford before he get's to them. The Lions running game isn't nearly where they want it, but it's good enough for now with sensational rookie Jahvid Best and 3rd year man Kevin Smith. The bread and butter of this offense, however, is in the passing game with Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, and both tight ends Brandon Pettigrew and Tony Scheffler.


The Lions defense is headed by rookie phenom Ndamukong Suh, future defensive rookie of the year and league leading numbers for defensive tackles with 6.5 sacks in just 7 games. The Lions have 23 sacks in 7 games this year and have picked off 8 passes. They are do very well considering where they were last year and could give the Jets offense fits.


3 questions for Gang Green Nation:


1)What part of the Detroit Lions, if any, worries the Jets fans the most?


2)Who will end up having the best career of the 09' QB class, Mark Sanchez, Matthew Stafford, or Josh Freeman?


3)Who do the Jets fans think will win the Superbowl next year?


Thanks and until Sunday, have a good one!

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