What do we do?

Having never played football myself. I wonder how do we defend against this guy. This is from a Boston newspaper.

Brady exited Ford Field in a limousine, he did so after going 21-of-27 for 341 yards with four touchdown passes and a sparkling 158.3 passer rating. And he also did so with a bevy of short passes - “dinking and dunking” in his words - that allowed his receivers a chance to be runners, too.

Of Brady’s passing yards, just 160 actually came in the air. The seven receivers contributed 181 yards after the catch. Even the game’s most electric play featured Deion Branch racing 40 yards past and around cornerback Alphonso Smith after a pass that flew 39 yards.

Forget stretching the field in the air. Brady lets his receivers do it on the ground.

Asked recently about his No. 1 goal, Brady described it as “trying to make accurate throws and make accurate reads.”

It was a clinic on Thursday, particularly in the short-passing game. Just six of his completions traveled 10 yards or more. In almost every instance, he put the ball where a receiver could run with it.

A 7-yard completion to tight end Alge Crumpler turned into a 27-yard gain. A 2-yard completion to Sammy Morris became 13. There was Welker’s 16-yard touchdown, and don’t forget Branch’s theatrics.

“The ball placement was crazy,” said Branch, who had 113 receiving yards. “Perfect.”

Even on his incompletions, Brady wasn’t inaccurate. Of his six misses, two were blatant drops and one was a tipped flea-flicker. Welker had an early muff, while Brady hit receiver Brandon Tate on a ball that flew 31 yards and set Tate up to run the entire length of the field.

For the game’s final 27 minutes and 26 seconds, Brady didn’t have any incompletions. Nor did he have any interceptions - a string that has lasted 199 consecutive passes.

All he did was lead the offense to 28 unanswered points to close it out. Running back Danny Woodhead described it as “doing what we do as an offense.”

Brady received help from an offensive line that allowed five hits in the first 20 minutes and none thereafter. And he received help from the running game with BenJarvus Green-Ellis contributing 12 rushes for 59 yards and Woodhead adding 32 more.

That opened up the play-action game, and Brady was 9-of-12 while faking a handoff, including the third-and-2 play that ended with Branch’s long touchdown. Play-action accounted for 215 passing yards.


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