5 individual match-ups I would love to see.

Even though football is a team sport, some individual match-ups are why the game is so great. These are five I would never miss watching. 


.5 Ed Reed vs Peyton Manning 

Wait a minute I seen this show before, however, seeing it again and again is worth the price of admission. Ed Reed pretty much is the only player on the planet that  makes Peyton Manning looks ordinary. How is it that a person with about 40 yards of length and 53 yards of width to cover can out think/react probably the best thinker in the game today. Too bad the two teams don't play this year. Would be a great playoff rematch. 

.4 Clay Matthews vs Micheal Vick

Again another match-up already played. Judging from the oxygen Clay was sucking up from chasing Vick, Vick may have won the battle (By TKO) but lost the War. In fairness to Clay, the packers didn't game plan for a full dose of Vick. So this is a match-up I would to see from start to finish. Hopefully we get a rematch in the playoffs. 

.3 Julius Peppers vs Jake Long and D'Brickashaw Ferguson 

This is the best OLB/DE tackle match-up I can think of. Long gone are the days when you had a LT, Reggie White, or Bruce Smith. Guys who played 90% on one side of the field and dominated everybody in their way. Peppers is a beast, but he probably won't stay on the left side of the quarter back. He probably will do some stunts up the middle and also line up on the other side of the d-line. Still, I believe these are the two best tackles in the league, with Long getting a slight nod over D-Brick. The best part about these match-ups is we get to see Peppers play them both later this season. 

.2 Darrelle Revis vs Brandon Marshall

Cro had a pretty good game vs Marshall, but Marshall still lit the Jets for ten catches and over 160 yards. The next time around Mr. Marshall gets to visit Revis island. Revis showed last week he's 100% and back to putting opposing teams #1 receivers in his back pocket. The only problem is the Dolphins quarter back situation makes this match-up a mismatch for Revis. Lets hope Marshall and Chad P. develops some chemistry by time they see the Jets again. 

.1 Darrelle Revis vs DeSean Jackson  

If I'm correct, we get to see this match-up next season unless they meet in Dallas in February. Jackson is probably the most explosive wide receiver in the league. I don't have the numbers, but i believe over the last two seasons he has 5 to 10 catches over 50 yards per reception. Now add in how accurate Vick is throwing the long ball, this would be a tough match-up for the island.  Hopefully we get to see this sooner then later.

Honorable mention: David Harris vs Peyton Hillis, Cro vs who ever Revis don't hold when the Jets play Cincinnati, Steelers d-line vs the Jets o-line.

Quite sure I might had miss someone out there, but if I did, sure would like to know whom.

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