1st Quarter Report

As we all know our Jets have come out of the first quarter of this season in pretty good shape, sitting at 3-1.  I know today is Monday and this probably should of been up at the beginning of the week, well i'm lazy.  At least I got it in before tonight's game. 

This post is just a recap of our first 4 games.  Leave your thoughts below and see my awards after the jump!

Best Game- New York vs. New England -  Yes we also had a big win in Miami while this one was at home.  Yet, this was easily our best game of the year so far.  Miami is good, but the division still runs through New England.  And how good was it to see Mark Sanchez bounce back after the Week 1 debacle?  The Jets shut down New England's offense in the second half, winning the 2nd half, 21-0.

Worst Game- New York vs. Baltimore -  This was pretty easy seeing as it was our first and only loss. Mark Sanchez doubters came out in full force.  Keller was ridiculed (deservedly so) and our offense rivaled that of a peewee football team. Oh and we opened at our new stadium on national television with a clunker.

MVP- Mark Sanchez- I was very tempted to go with Tomlinson here, but Sanchez has had too good of numbers to be put down.  He has a 105 QB rating and is the only quarterback in the league without Interceptions.  This team goes along with Sanchez.  When he struggles the Jets struggle (see Baltimore) and when he is good well we're good.

LVP- Kyle Wilson-  Keep in mind I know he's a rookie and he's taking his bumps and bruises but he has been exposed at time. Also, after scanning the roster there really isn't a lot of people who have totally disappointed. (I'm using the disappointments as people who play a significant amount of time, otherwise Gholston would be in the mix)  If you told me at the beginning of the season that Coleman was playing better than Wilson I would probaby scream.  And will Jericho Cotchery stand up?

3 Biggest Surprises

  1. Mark Sanchez to Dustin Keller- These guys have been on fire the last three games, and Keller is already Sanchez's go to guy.  Keller leads the team in targets and already has 5 touchdowns already surpassing his career mark.  Sanchez nearly has the amount of Td's he threw all last year, this tandem should be special for a long time.
  2. Ladainian Tomlinson- Washed up? Apparently not, as LT has been putting up ungodly numbers. 341 yds rushing at 6.1 yds a clip with 3 touchdown and 12 receptions.  I don't think anyone thought he was going to outrush Greene.
  3. Weatherford-  He is vastly improved from last year and has been booming kicks inside the 20.  A very good luxury for us.  (HONORABLE MENTIONS - Bryan Thomas, Jason Taylor, Nick Folk.

3 Biggest Dissappointments

  1. Pass Defense- Last year this team was no.1 in pass defense, this year it is at a mediocre no. 23 giving up 233 yards a game.  Revis coming back should help, but coming in a lot of us thought our secondary was a definitive strength.
  2. Loss of Jenkins- When you lose a dominant NT/End it always hurts. (THANK GOD FOR POUHA)  Especially after 6 plays.  Jenkins has recently announced he will try another comeback so let's just hope it all works out.
  3. Pass Rush-  To me, it's still a problem.  We aren't getting to the quarterback as much as we need to and this is directly correlated to why we have been struggling on 3rd down.  Hopefully Pryce will help bolster the line.
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