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Introducing our newest contributor...

Hey, Gang Green Nation, this is Rob Civardi, your newest weekly contributor. Along with John, I will be bringing you up to the minute New York Jets action from the latest signings to crazy trade thoughts. Here's a little background information about myself

I'm a 14 year old teen kickin' it in Northern Jersey. I've lived in the great state for my entire life and it's a great place to live. My sports teams are the New York Jets, Charlotte Bobcats, and Baltimore Orioles, all for different reasons. I come from a family full of football fanatics and Jets fans. However, when I first started watching this great game, I was a New York Giant fan. I know, I know, I consider myself a sinner to this day for rooting for them as a two year old, but it was for all the right reasons. My uncle was signed by them after coming out of the small college of Montclair State. Even though he never started in his three year tenure with the club, he got us season tickets, so I kinda became one of them. You would have too if you saw your uncle on the field in blue; it's human nature. But after a few years of rockin' a Giants jersey, I began to hate them. At the time, I thought they cut my uncle. As a little kid, I was livid. Why would anyone cut my uncle? It didn't seem to make sense for me so as a way to get back, I became a Jets fan and have been since.

Enough about me, let's get to the good stuff:

As a Jets fan, there's many things that go through my head. From stupid signings, to wishful trades, there's always something worth noting from my daydreams during science class.

First off, why aren't the Jets making a move on Julius Peppers? In case you haven't been watching the NFL for the past five years, this former first round pick has been nothing short of spectacular. He has been to a Super Bowl, has over 70 sacks in 106 games, and hasn't even hit 30.

Things between him and Carolina have become strained over the years. The Panthers are reluctant to move to a 3-4, where Peppers feels his abilities would be better suited. He has wanted to leave for the past few years but didn't feel it was right demanding a trade. So, like most players, he just waited for his contract year to come. This was his year, until Carolina slapped the franchise tag on him. That really upset him, so as it is now, he has said multiple times he will not play for Carolina this season, putting them in a rough spot. Afraid of not getting compensation, the Panthers are looking for a partner, and that's been the Jets come in.

The Jets need a young defensive end. Both Ellis and Coleman are getting up and age, and even in their prime, they were nothing special. Not the type of guys offenses plan around, not the guys we talk about except for all of their missed tackles, not the type of guys on weekly highlight shows, just the average, everyday starting ends. Lets face facts. Even in his heyday, Shaun Ellis could only get you around eight sacks which is good, but nothing that gets you into the Hall of Fame. Coleman didn't even start early in his career causing him to only have 8.5 sacks and 208 career tackles. Last year the Jets tried to add an explosive edge rusher by drafting Vernon Gholston, and that hasn't turned out to well, has it?

With the Cutler sweepstakes over, the Jets need to focus on other areas other than quarterback. Rex needs more talent on the defensive side of the ball, and he has said before, the Jets could use another edge rusher. Now theirs Peppers, all 6'7, 283 pounds of him, sitting in our laps for a second round pick along with a role player like Coleman. Is that too much to ask? The Jets are one of the few teams with a 3-4 defense, the cap room for Peppers 16.5 million-dollar salary, and the picks Carolina wants. It makes all the sense in the world, adding a superstar who had 14.5 sacks last year. I'm not saying a deal will get done, but this is one guy the Jets cannot afford to not look into.

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